How to prepare a brotola in creamy and yogurt sauce with seafood and vegetables

How to prepare a brotola in creamy and yogurt sauce with seafood and vegetables

Do you love fish? Try to prepare this dietary tasty dish in which seafood, vegetables and gentle sauce is perfectly combined.

Brotola is the fish living in Quiet and Atlantic oceans; treats Treskov' group. Nutrition value - only 92 kcal, fat content – 1.6 g on 100 grams. It is absolutely dietary product containing the mass of useful substances: vitamins (And, E, RR, almost all group B) and minerals (magnesium, calcium, copper, iron, potassium and others). This fish is usually delivered in the form of the frozen cleaned brainless carcass.

Pay attention!

In this recipe you can replace the main ingredient with an ordinary cod, but the cod "loses" to taste.

It is required to you

- 500-550 grams of a brotola;

- 10-12 pieces of tiger shrimps 26/30 (fresh-frozen, brainless);

- one carcass of a fresh-frozen squid;

- several cleaned mussels, tentacles of an octopus (not necessarily);

- 200-250 grams of yogurt from cream (9%) or milk (3%);

- one bulb;

- vegetables at your choice: potatoes, carrots, broccoli, Bruxelles and cauliflower;

- 30 ml of white wine (not necessarily);

- seasoning for fish;

- little fresh thyme;

- any other savoury herbs to your taste;

- lemon juice teaspoon;

- 20 grams of a desi (not necessarily);

- two garlic gloves;

- olive oil for frying


Step 1. Defreeze fish and seafood.

Step 2. Well wash up potatoes, carrots and boil "in a uniform".

Step 3. Broccoli, a color and/or Brussels sprout process (if it is required) and boil until ready.

Pay attention!

In advance think over as you will serve a ready-to-eat meal and depending on it cut vegetables for a garnish.

Step 4. Prepare fish for further culinary processing: remove fins, clean, wash up. Cut flank steaks no more than 2 cm thick. Strew with seasoning for fish.

Step 5. Prepare as appropriate seafood: clean, remove all superfluous, wash up, drain by means of a napkin.

Step 6. Peel garlic and cut segments in half. In a frying pan slightly warm olive oil, lay out garlic and a fresh thyme. Let's stand a couple of minutes on weak fire.

Step 7. Remove garlic and a thyme, add heating. Put seafood and fry (about 3-4 minutes). Don't cover!

Step 8. Lay out seafood, put fish, fry from both parties until ready (about 10 minutes).

Step 9. Wash up, drain and small cut a savoury herbs.

Step 10. Shift to time fish in a plate. In a frying pan mix yogurt, butter, lemon juice, white wine, add a grass. Lay out fish and seafood in sauce. If necessary pour in 1-2 tablespoons of boiled water or any broth. Cover and warm up 7-10 minutes at weak fire.

Step 11. Give to a table together with a vegetable garnish, having watered fish and vegetables with sauce, having decorated with fresh greens and segment of a lemon.

Helpful advice

Vegetables for a garnish can be made in the double boiler. In this case potatoes and carrots need to be peeled. 

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team