How to put a cube

How to put a cube

From paper for the printer it is possible to put a cube without scissors and glue. Only the sheet A4, attentiveness and accuracy will be necessary for you for production of such figure. Quite simple scheme will allow to achieve result even to beginners in art of origami.


1. Arrange a leaf horizontally. Lower the top right side to the left down so that the right side of a rectangle was imposed on its bottom side. Bend a strip near the turned-out triangle to the right and fill in a triangle.

2. Develop a triangle – before you there will be a square. On it the line of a bend which is diagonal is visible. Put a figure in the area of the second diagonal. Again straighten a figure. Turn it the "back" party to yourself so that the rectangular strip appeared on the right. Bend a square in half on a horizontal axis. Straighten it, turn so that the strip appeared at the left on the face.

3. Connect the lines of a horizontal axis coming from the center of a figure with each other, at the same time the leaf will develop in a triangle, the top side will be combined with lower. Take the right half of the top layer of a triangle, apply the bottom right corner to top of a teugolnik, iron the place of a bend. Also arrive with the left half of preparation.

4. Before you two small triangles forming a rhombus. Mentally draw a line from the center of each triangle to the middle of the opposite side. Connect top of the right triangle to a point of intersection of this line and opposite side.

5. The small triangle turned out. Over it lower a paper corner so that the line of a bend coincided with the right side of a new triangle. Then bend this unbent corner in half. Fill this site in "pocket" in a top side of a triangle. Do the same operations with the left part of preparation. Turn a hand-made article and repeat all actions on the "back" party.

6. On each side the turned-out hexagon there have to be triangles which in the center adjoin tops. Between the remained corners of triangles draw the lines connecting them. They will separate the top and lower corners of a hexagon. On lines unbend these corners to yourself, from yourself, then return to a starting position.

7. Implant fingers into "pockets" of a hexagon on each side and straighten the parties of preparation. In top of a figure there has to be an opening. Blow in it that the cube was filled with air and became volume.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team