How it is correct to breathe at squats?

How it is correct to breathe at squats?

Not always physical exercises can bring benefit to health. Neglecting elementary rules, itself can do much harm seriously. So, it concerns even how it is correct to breathe at squats. To know the main thing not only a number of exercises, but also the equipment.

How it is correct to breathe during squats?

Carrying out general exercises it is possible to achieve considerable success in accumulation of muscle bulk. At the same time it is very important to monitor own breath. That squats took place safely for health, it is important to carry out everything in the correct sequence.

  1. To rise in a rack. Legs at shoulder length.
  2. The breast and back remain equal. Falling down, it is important to hold balance. At this stage the breath has to be uniform.
  3. Having sat down – sharply to exhale.
  4. Returning to an initial position, to make a superficial breath.

Breaks between approaches are followed by a deep breath and an exhalation. Them has to be more than two. It is important not to hold the breath. Let and in some reference books can see that it is quite useful, but for vessels of a brain, an eye and hearts it is very dangerous. So, if power exercise is carried out sharply, then and it is also necessary to exhale.

How it is correct to breathe at squats with a bar?

Lifting big weight, the athlete carries out a breath delay only during a certain period of the movement. Here everything depends on the individual equipment of the person. Some do considerable efforts at the beginning, and someone - on a phase of "a dead point".

It is important to remember that a breath – a standing position. Squat down and rise – a gradual exhalation.

It is correct to breathe at squats without bar also important, as well as with it. And in that and other case it is first recommended to control own breath. Over time, so to say, the correct breath exhalation will become a habit, and it will not need to be regulated consciously.


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team