How it is correct to fight?

How it is correct to fight?

To stand for itself and it is correct to fight as it appeared, the few can. And, to start directly trainings, it is important to understand for what in general single combats are necessary: for fights on the street or just as physical activities?

As it is necessary to fight correctly - receptions

We begin with regular trainings, at the same time loading surely has to be accruing. You should not forget about sparrings, otherwise, we learn to fight in the gym, and then if there are desire and need, we fix the gained knowledge in a street fight.

What saves any fighter in single combats? It not knowledge of conducting fight, and, first of all, possession of own body and reason. Before mastering any equipment, it is important not to forget about the methods used in any cases of a fight:

  • we hit the enemy with a knee in a groin;
  • phalanxes of fingers have to be sent directly to eyes to the opponent;
  • with fist it is struck in an Adam's apple;
  • it is useful to use such make-shifts as the lighter, a key, phone and so forth.

Sometimes even the most brave person faces a psychological problem which meaning is that it is difficult to it to hurt other person. The empathy is alien to nobody. Here it is not necessary to be afraid of anything or to be ashamed. It is important to work on itself, to tune itself into overcoming difficulties. It is not necessary to avoid pain. Only having looked in eyes to the fear, we can get rid of it.

Recommendations as it is correct to fight on the street

  1. If you the beginner in this case, then it is important to learn to work with what is called a dotyagivaniye distance. It is important to be able to feel this distance, to come nearer on it and if it is necessary, quickly to leave a distance. Its essence consists in the following: entering fight against the opponent, we have to achieve that he did not manage neither to react to the attack, nor to be protected from attack. It is interesting that the inability quickly is peculiar to all of us to react to an irritant from such, so to say, special distance. If to neglect this rule, then the brain of the opponent will manage to think that it is necessary to do something, to be protected somehow. This moment, "a dotyagivaniye distance", it is necessary to fulfill in details at trainings. Having appeared at such distance, it is important to engage the first, otherwise will hit you. For a start learn to master such attacking receptions as high-speed actions in eight directions.
  2. The your speed is higher, the it is less than chances at the opponent. As soon as you increase it, the need to learn even more about how it is correct to fight on the street will disappear. Blows have to be compact, accurate. They have to do harm to the opponent and such that that a couple of days more felt this pain.
  3. Be engaged in physical training which will increase muscle bulk. Here exercises with dumbbells or a bar, run or swimming enter.

We learn to protect ourselves

We accept the correct position. We get up facing the enemy, turning to him sideways a little. You right-handed person? You need to turn to the opponent the left hip and vice versa, you ate the lefthander. Define the steady center of gravity. The right-handed person has to transfer all weight to the right leg. At the same time we raise hands to the head, one fist has to be at the level of a chin, another – at the level of eyes. It is important to remember that, clenching fists, the thumb has to remain outside, otherwise probability is high that during blow you will break it.

We beat the purpose with average bones, subjects that are between an average and a forefinger. The powerful blow has to become your friend. For a start train on a punching bag or a sports bag.

Beit in soft places. A nose – the most painful of all. Do not hit into a jaw or a cheek. If you fight to death, then hit into a throat, a groin.


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team