How it is correct to breathe?

How it is correct to breathe?

The correct breath – guarantee of good health and prevention of many diseases. The person who knows how it is correct to breathe and actively uses technology of breath in everyday life definitely never will have the obesity, insomnia raised by arterial blood pressure. And, of course, if we learn to breathe correctly – it is possible to forget about stresses and excessive nervous tension what in turn considerably will increase our working capacity and will improve the general health.

Let's consider some of the most important questions concerning those people who first of all care for the beauty, appearance and health.

What is "the correct breath"?

For various reasons many people breathe incorrectly – in the course of breath at them the thorax rises and falls. And, it seems, breath is completely "automated" and there should not be mistakes, but, unfortunately, medical practice indicates the opposite. Pay attention to how you breathe – during a breath your stomach (but not a breast) has to be blown up, and during an exhalation to fall. During breath the diaphragm (the muscle serving as a partition between a chest and abdominal cavity) makes rather big amplitude movements as a result of which the stomach is inflated as a ball and is blown off to the normal sizes. That is the correct breath is a breath in which the diaphragm or as some speak is involved breath by a stomach.

How to learn it is correct to breathe?

For this purpose it is desirable for you to lay down on a bed in the quiet, cozy room, to relax and direct all your attention to breath process. Put one hand on a thorax, and the second - on a stomach. Consciously we take a slow breath, we feel by a hand how the stomach rises. The breath is taken until we feel as the breast begins to rise, at this moment we stop and we begin to exhale slowly. A hand we feel how the abdominal cavity falls to the former sizes. The exhalation on duration has to be approximately twice longer, than a breath. It is also the correct and only way of breath in everyday life. To seize the correct technology of breath, it is necessary to practice every day – consciously itself to force to breathe by means of a diaphragm and a stomach.

How it is correct to breathe across Buteyko?

Konstantin Pavlovich Buteyko is a scientist, the doctor-physiologist developed such way of breath at which the people having asthma can liquidate attacks of this disease. Also by means of the respiratory equipment of Buteyko it is possible to cure all organism, to thereby increase quality of life. The truth it demands a lot of time, it is necessary to practice daily not one month this technique of breath. The main feature of the technology of breath of Buteyko – conscious elimination of deep breath. An organism it is necessary to teach to breathe so that only the top part of lungs was involved.

Konstantin Pavlovich focuses attention on a breath delay during a breath and an exhalation. It is necessary to breathe as much as possible superficially, holding the breath on transitions between a breath and an exhalation. It is necessary to do it so that not to feel sharp discomfort with each occupation increasing breath delay time. Both in traditional technology of breath, and in the technician Buteyko, it is correct to breathe it is necessary only a nose. As the mouth has no such properties as having warmed also filtration of air from dust and microorganisms unlike a nose.

How to teach the child it is correct to breathe a nose?

Initially we are born with ability to breathe correctly, using a diaphragm and a nose. Notice, chest children are not able to breathe through the mouth, only at later age we begin to breathe through both the mouth and a nose.

If you noticed that your child already forgot to breathe correctly – his tummy is not blown up at breath and the mouth more often is "by air passing", then it is desirable at once to try to teach to breathe automatically your child correctly. ""As to make it?"" - you ask? If your child is already 5 years old or more, then it is possible – at this age children already understand everything. The main thing, is accurate also a simple language to explain to the child what should be done and why it is necessary. As it is correct to breathe important not only to your children, but also you, organize houses a daily circle of "yogis" in which you will correctly learn to breathe. Children can easily be interested in any business if it happens in the form of a game at which there is a praise, encouragement, jokes and small prizes. Solve for yourself – as far as to you your health and health of your family is important and begin to act. Everything at you will turn out!


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team