How to impart saplings

How to impart saplings

Thanks to inoculation it is possible to receive saplings of various trees including fruit, necessary grades. At most of gardeners and gardeners since fall the prepared shanks and stocks which wait for February as this month it is the best of all to carry out inoculation are stored. Impart various grades of fruit-trees and enjoy rich harvest.

It is required to you

  • - Shank,
  • - stock,
  • - box,
  • - sawdust,
  • - polyethylene,
  • - sharp knife.


1. Dig out the implanted shanks which will be intended for winter inoculation before freezing of the soil. They have to have diameter at root system not less than seven centimeters. Such shanks can be replaced with pieces of roots of pears and apple-trees which length has to be 15-20 centimeters, and thickness not less pencil. Lay shanks or stocks in in advance prepared box with damp sand, pour and you store at temperature of +3 degrees to inoculation.

2. A day before inoculation bring box with stock and shanks to the room. Carefully wash out and remove the decayed and broken parts of roots. The shank needs to be taken with three kidneys.

3. Take sharp knife and make identical diagonal cuts which length has to be about 3 centimeters on stock and shank. At distance 1/3 from upper part carefully split cut knife and combine cuts of inoculative components so that the uvula of cut of shank has densely entered slot on stock cut. On the party of stock it will begin to be formed kallyus, it means that there is accretion of components. Therefore it is important that bark of stock has coincided with bark of the lowermost end of shank.

4. Scion position of joint with stock tie with narrow tape from polyethylene or polyvinyl chloride film.

5. Lay inoculations in in advance prepared box which bottom needs to be covered film and to pour steam-seasoned and damp sawdust. Try to remove all pieces of bark from sawdust to avoid rotting of sawdust. At the bottom of box it is necessary to make slots that excess moisture did not accumulate, for this purpose cut through film in several places. To avoid drying of top layer of sawdust, cover box from above with polyethylene or film.

6. Inoculations should be stacked so that stocks did not adjoin to box walls at all. Formation of kallyus in position of joints of components requires about 8-10 days. Try to remove binding if at weak twitching the shank does not come off position of joint with stock, it is possible to send box to the room with lower temperature of 10-12 degrees and to leave for 7-10 days before full accretion of inoculative components.

7. In the spring of inoculation it is necessary to land on the prepared site with structural, fertile soil so that the scion position of joint with stock was located at the level of the soil. After landing hill inoculation the earth and leave open only upper kidney of shank.

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