How it is correct to make the base?

How it is correct to make the base?

The base is a basis for creation of the good and strong house. It is the best of all to entrust its filling to professionals, but knowing as it is correct to make the base, it is possible to carry out works and independently. There are several important nuances which should be considered during building.

How it is correct to make a timbering for the base?

The system of a timbering consists of racks, the deck and fixtures. It is important to choose correctly material for its creation:

  1. Polyfoam. Such timbering can be not removed and it will be additional thermal insulation.
  2. Tree. To the hammered stakes boards are beaten, and for rigidity of a design struts are used.
  3. Metal. The most reliable option allowing to create the high and flat base.

How it is correct to make a marking under the base?

Correctly to mark the territory, it is necessary to follow the instruction:

  1. Define the main point and usually it is the right front corner of a facade, according to the project. It is necessary to hammer a peg into this place.
  2. After that postpone length of a bearing wall until the right back corner and also hammer a stake. In the same way note all corners of the building. Surely check correctness of right angles.
  3. Using a roulette, check diagonals between opposite corners which have to be equal.
  4. After that internal planning is carried out, and then, between pegs the cord stretches.

How it is correct to make concrete for the base?

Best of all for concrete to use brand 400 cement as it has the high durability, endurance and frost resistance. To make M100 brand concrete, it is necessary to mix a cement bucket, three buckets of clean sand, six buckets of filling brick (fractions no more than 35) and also water. The consistence should not be too dense. For M200 brand concrete preparation which is used for reinforcing of a belt of the building and for a blind area mix a cement bucket, two buckets of sand, five buckets of filling brick, well and water.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team