How to check spelling of a word

How to check spelling of a word

It is no secret that in modern society there are a lot of people who are not owning skills of the competent letter. And not only children, but also adults experience difficulties on the letter. Many do not understand how to check spelling of a word. What should they pay attention to first of all?


1. Difficulties on the letter most often arise when writing a word from an unaccented vowel in a root. Pick up a cognate word or change it so that the vowel appeared in a strong position, i.e. under an accent. For example: the patient - pain. Check writing of some words with unstressed vowels, having used the dictionary.

2. If you doubt writing of a concordant word in a root, you also should change a word so that after a consonant there was public. For example: an oak - oak. Writing of some unpronounceable concordants in a root of a word can be checked only according to the dictionary.

3. It is necessary to check an unaccented vowel in noun ending, defining a case and inducement. For example, in a word ""to the teacher"" it is necessary to write letter E since it is used in the form of a dative case in the termination and treats the first inducement.

4. If you need to check writing of an unaccented personal ending of a verb, define conjugation. Do not forget about verbs exceptions. For example, in a word ""reads"" it is necessary to write letter E in the termination since this verb belongs to the first conjugation. And in a word ""breathes"" write letter I because this verb is an exception in the termination.

5. Writing of the alternating unstressed vowels in a root of a word needs to be checked, applying the rule. For example, in a root write letter I because after a root there is a suffix in the word ""selective"" And.

6. Competently to write words, it is necessary to learn to select test, to remember words exceptions and to be able correctly to define necessary grammatical features.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team