How to determine average temperature

How to determine average temperature

Determination of average temperature of the changing process can be necessary as the scientist working on any complex scientific problem and the ordinary person who watches, for example, meteoconditions. Besides, this indicator is necessary in many productions, in agriculture, in medicine and other spheres of activity of the person.

It is required to you

  • - special thermometer;
  • - diary of observations;
  • - calculator;
  • - handle.


1. Define time period for which you want to calculate average temperature (day, week, month, year, etc.)

2. Establish the number of necessary measurements for a single period of time (for example, 8 times a day). The more precisely you will be need values, the more often it is necessary to take readings.

3. For example, to calculate average daily air temperature, waters or soils, take several measurements. If you use the ordinary spirit thermometer, then check it on reference, the mercury device is not recommended to be used at hard frosts as in such conditions it can give incorrect indicators.

4. Choose graduation of a scale depending on necessary accuracy. The spirit thermometer usually has the accuracy of one degree. If requirements to the accuracy of indicators are high, use the device with graduation to the 100-th or thousand shares of degree.

5. You watch that conditions of observations were identical, otherwise you will not avoid mistakes. Record the temperature indicators received for four removals, for example in the diary of observations: at 7 in the morning, at 12 in the afternoon, at 19 o'clock and at midnight. Find their sum and divide it into 4 (the number of observations). The more often you will take readings of the thermometer, the more precisely there will be a received result.

6. Thus, having found all average daily values in a month, it is possible to determine average monthly temperature. For this purpose summarize the received average daily values and divide the turned-out number on the number of the days which are contained in it (31, 30, 28 or 29).

7. Now round the turned-out number to necessary accuracy, according to experimental conditions. Someone has enough tenth shares, but the 100-th in certain cases can be necessary and even thousand. By the same principle average monthly day and night temperatures separately from each other are calculated.

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