How to train diction?

How to train diction?

To learn to speak accurately and distinctly any person if only he, of course, knows how to train diction can and it is ready to spend for trainings some time.

How to train the speech and diction?

At first do the simple exercise directed to a breath training. For its performance get up directly, place legs on width of shoulders, and put lips a tubule, having a little extended them forward. Begin to inhale and exhale deeply air, trying to feel its resistance. Having devoted to it 2-3 minutes, continue to take breaths and exhalations, but add exercise with walking on the place, inclinations or moves hands.

One more exercise helping how to train diction, and contributing to the development of a respiratory system becomes so – get up directly and put hands behind the head, straighten a back and make a small inclination forward, along with it begin to pull "gi-i-ý" and exhale air. When it is required to inhale, become straight, gather air in lungs and repeat exercise.

Pronunciation of tongue twisters is considered very effective method allowing both to train diction, and to train a voice. For a start choose several simple tongue twisters, and try to say them slowly, accurately pronouncing all sounds. Having done these are 3-5 times, begin to increase pronunciation speed, you only watch closely that all sounds were accurate and distinct. For achievement of the maximum effect, it is possible to do it, having taken in a mouth several (the quantity depends on your specific features) the crude walnuts. If exercise is given too hard, then it is possible to simplify it, saying not the whole phrases, but separate sounds, for example, "кс", State Duma, "дв" and others and as soon as it becomes easier to carry out it, to try to tell a tongue twister.

Also experts recommend to learn by heart and to read aloud the poem by Valery Bryusov.


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team