Magic of money - how to attract money?

Magic of money - how to attract money?

Not one millennium mankind is divided into those who have money, and those for whom is hardly enough for modest existence. What does this division depend on? How to get to the first category of people? Today we will try to attract money by means of magic.

Horoscopes and signs of destiny

Our zodiac dictates us our monetary "ceiling", but it does not mean that if you have a predisposition to wealth, you will be rich. The magic can attract money in our life, but as long they at us will be late on what they will be spent and enclosed – depends only on you.

Some people unconditionally trust in signs. If since morning the first business not to be got on, it is necessary to transfer all questions for tomorrow as from today all the same nothing acceptable will leave.

What you trusted in, an essence of any magic of money and wealth – to connect you to a monetary egregor.

Monetary egregor

The monetary egregor is a set of all desires of the world on money. It is very powerful thing, having joined which, the true wealth will come to your life. The egregor is some kind of energy of money, as well as energy of love, energy of life, having got on an energy wave, you will not feel in anything need.


So, we will start the magic of money, that is we learn how to attract money. For this purpose it is necessary to get rid at first from porch or to remove monetary bad luck – if it is the reason of lack of money


Removal of monetary bad luck

We will hold this ritual at the intersection, on the decreasing moon.

The youngest member of your family has to exchange notes for a trifle and give the most senior in family. The last goes to the intersection, and throws coins there, saying:

"Here horse and pedestrian passed, this money took away and with themselves carried away. The Hem you carry away and with yourself take away ours (we list the troubles). Amen"

Read 3 times in an identical order and also track that this day there was no rain. You leave without turning around. Coped with bad luck, and now we will start magic for fund raising. We will grow up them!

"Cultivation of money"

During a new moon we display banknotes on a case or a regiment (on open space) that at night the moon lit them. From house we do not speak to anybody about it, and displaying it is said:

"That was and grew. My word is strong, a molding and is right. Let it be!"

We leave grow for 3 days, then we raise money and we spend for something good. We repeat the procedure monthly.

It is easiest and harmless ways to attract money in the life. You can also enhance effect carrying mascots and amulets for activization of monetary energy.


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team