Warm-up before a power training

Warm-up before a power training

Many people on ignorance do not do warm-up before a training in the hall, considering that it is a simple waste of time. Actually, it is a serious mistake as this part of a training is very important, it has a number of important tasks.

What warm-up to do before a training?

For a start we will talk about what tasks it carries out. First of all exercises promote a warming up of muscles and preparation them to the strengthened loading. Warm-up increases elasticity of sheaves and pulse that prepares a cardiovascular system. Besides, exercises reduce risk of getting injured and improve effectiveness of the main complex.

The correct warm-up before a training:

  1. It is necessary to begin all at slow speed without breakthroughs and active movements. Increase the pace gradually that pulse did not jump.
  2. The pulse rate has to be in a limit of 95-100 beats per minute.
  3. After warm-up there should not be short wind, the purpose – a warming up and preparation of a body.
  4. Exercises should be done so that work of muscle and ligaments was felt. The crunch in joints indicates that they begin to work, but only if at the same time pain is not felt.

Warm-up before force a training has to consist their two parts. The first is directed to preparation of all body. It can be rotary and inclined motions of the head, knees and other parts of a body. Still approaches usual or run with high lifting of knees and also jumps on a jump rope. After that it is possible to pass to special warm-up which is directed to preparation of a body for performance of certain exercises. For example, if you plan to squat with a bar, then it is necessary to execute a set with small scales, having made no more than 15 repetitions. Such bringing warm-up should be done before performance of new exercise. It will allow to increase efficiency of a training.


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team