Mental magic

Mental magic

Mental energy is an energy which corresponds to thought process of the person. The mental body can differ on density degree that allows to distinguish a large number of types of such energy. On the basis of it it is possible to say about existence of mental magic, that is magic which is connected with cogitative activity.

Mental magic for beginners: types

Many inclined to believe in power of thought and secrets of mental magic. It is considered that it is subdivided into a set of small branches, the majority of which you for certain is familiar to you:

  1. Telepathy is a transfer of thoughts at distance, their reading without use of sense organs.
  2. Telekinesis – ability of movement of objects by effort of will.
  3. Telemetry – ability to learn data, data and other information on the remote subject or an object.
  4. Teleportation – ability to move instantly from one point to another regardless of geographical coordinates and distance between them.
  5. Pirokinez – ability to cause fire, without using for this purpose anything, except power of thought.
  6. Levitation – reduction of weight of a subject to it at which he is capable to soar freely in air.
  7. Hypnosis – full deep relaxation of an organism for influence of a certain information.
  8. Clairvoyance – ability to exact prediction of the future.
  9. Extrasensory perception – supersensitive work of sense organs, ability to perception which is unusual for the ordinary person.

In other words, mental magic is what many people call superabilities. There are registered cases of real use of such magic.

Mental magic: training

It is considered that only those people who have a predisposition to any given its look are capable to study mental magic. Also, as great artists are those who have a congenital talent, successful magicians have chance to become those lucky who have certain inclinations. If pulls you to any concrete type of mental magic – perhaps, it also is manifestation of your predisposition.

It is possible to be engaged as independently, according to books, and with involvement of the skilled magician teacher. In a type of the fact that to find the last it is not too simple, quite logical to try to develop independently in itself abilities, using the simplest and available exercises and gradually passing to more difficult.


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team