Mantras for fulfillment of desires

Mantras for fulfillment of desires

People always dream and seek to find ways which will help to grant their treasured desires. There is a lot of such ways, but one of them – reading the mantra granting desires – gives to the person something bigger, than achievement of material benefits.

Supernatural force of ancient mantras

It is considered that reading mantras cleans and improves soul of the person, clarifies consciousness and cures, brings harmony and joy. Because mantras for fulfillment of desires bear a powerful charge of the energy concluded in vibrations of the pronounced words and phrases.

What is "mantra"?

"Manas" is translated as "thought", and "trai" – as "protection", "rescue". So "mantra" – rescue through meditation and concentration, deep concentration of mind.

All mantras – one or several words – are said in Sanskrit, a classic language and therefore one they seem a mystical combination of sounds, to others – a prayer or a plot.

But mantras are not spells and not requests for execution of desire. It is the powerful force concluded in the sound said aloud or about itself, this impact of vibrations which from it proceed. They fill the person already from the first pronouncing a mantra, but at first it is difficult to feel them because of messing around of thoughts and inability to concentrate, distract from vanity and stresses. Over time vibration amplifies and connects the person to a power stream of the Universe, doing it is quieter, surer and stronger.

How to apply mantras to execution of the desires?

Singing or reading a mantra is an important spirituality, but it is possible to be engaged in it in any place and at any time.

There are different recommendations: to meditate only at dawn or at sunset, on the growing or decreasing moon, in loneliness or for the company, sitting or lying … However it is better not to limit itself to a rigid framework, just you remember that favorable conditions – light of the moon and the sun, open current water – strengthen action of a mantra. And here its reading before going to bed will prevent to get enough sleep quietly because of excitement and fullness energy.

Create a special situation – muffle lighting, light candles, incense aromas. For one or two hours prior to reading mantras you should not eat anything, especially heavy food and alcohol.

How to read the mantras granting desires?

It is necessary to accept a convenient pose, to relax and to inhale deeply several times. To focus on the aspirations and to tell about them surely then to read a mantra.

It is pronounced drawlingly or listen to record and echo it. Let language be unclear and it seems strange, it is necessary to monitor the correct pronouncing and the sequence of sounds only.

It is recommended to read a mantra of 108 times. This number is considered sacred and symbolizes perfection and infinity of the Highest Deity. Calculation of repetitions breaks concentration and distracts therefore it is better to use beads with the necessary quantity of beads. By the way, during practice of mantras the beads are loaded with their force and become a powerful power mascot!

How to choose a mantra for fulfillment of desires?

There are universal mantras and the special, directed to finding riches, success, health, family happiness, etc. All of them are effective. But you should not practice many mantras, it is necessary to choose only one for everyday meditations. If there is a wish for both prosperity, and career, and health, and family wellbeing, it is better to choose something the most important and to begin with it. And after – to pass to other desires.

Here examples of universal mantras:

To BRAZIERS to DISHT MA MAKHESHVARI – a mantra for happiness and love, prosperity and success in undertakings.

MANYA PADME HUM'S OHM – the strong mantra for clarification and calm, eliminates nervous diseases, gives rise to mercy and compassion, gives success in all affairs.

OHM GANAPATAYE NAMAH'S DIN – a mantra of purity of intentions, success in affairs and prosperity.

MAHADEVAYYa NAMAH OHM – this mantra pushes aside obstacles and protects from enemies, calls guardian angels.

The main obstacle between you and your dream – mistrust and laziness. If you throw meditations in couple of days, desire will not be granted. Practice of mantras demands belief and constancy. When everything wants to be stopped – continue! Means, your consciousness reconstructs and you are already close to the treasured purpose. Ancient force already with you – accept it and change the life!


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team