What animals live in America

What animals live in America

According to modern cartography, America is divided into two continents – on Northern and on Southern. Both continents stretch from the ice Arctic to Cape Horn which is bent to the Southern ocean. Both Northern, and the Southern America has a huge number of any given various animals. It is necessary to tell about the brightest and even dangerous of them.


1. Certain zone features made the contribution to a plant and animal life of North America. The wide range of climatic conditions does North America by the continent, really rich in flora and fauna. For example, only on Far North which lands are covered with dense snow cover such "winter" animals as the polar bears, the Arctic wolves, various rodents who are not afraid of cold weather are found. The tundra zone of North America is inhabited by reindeers, musk oxen, lemmings, polar foxes. For example, musk oxen are the only modern representatives of a genus of the musk oxen belonging to family cavicorn (horns of these animals empty inside). In the southeast of the USA the well-known American alligators which size in length reaches 4.5 meters live!

2. The center of North America are the plains covered with a grass (prairie). Only here it is possible to meet coyotes (American wolf), meadow doggies, the American gophers, badgers and vislorogy antelopes. The deserts of North America are inhabited by desert hares, lizards, rattlesnakes and small rodents. The territory of Canada is populated with such beings as skunks and raccoons. The grizzly bear living all in the same Canada is considered one of the most dangerous animals of North America. This animal with a speed 50km/h moves. Favourite food of a grizzly are elks, rams, deer. This predator does not disdain to regale also on the person! One more dangerous animal of this continent is the puma – the predatory cat reaching in length of 180 cm and weighing up to 110 kg. Speed of this predator can exceed 90 km/h. Fortunately, pumas quite seldom attack the person. It is necessary to mark out also the western rattlesnakes which main source of food dogs, mice, proteins, birds are.

3. Animal and flora of South America always used special attention, attracting to itself more and more naturalists, tourists and just fans from year to year. This continent has a large number of unique animals. South America on the one hand is washed by the Pacific Ocean, and with another – Atlantic. It is possible to carry such animals to rare and unique inhabitants of this continent as battleships, idlers, alpak, vicunas, the known ostriches to Nantes, penguins and seals inhabiting the cold South American South.

4. On Galapagos Islands, huge turtles well-known for the whole world are found. Unfortunately, their number over the years decreases, and reptiles are considered as an endangered species. As local animals are unique, to meet a wingless chomga, the titikaksky whistler, a deer to pood anywhere and nevermore. Only in South America the kinzhak can meet – the mammal adoring honey. By the way, to "kinzhak" and it is translated: "honey bear". On this continent there lives the well-known-point bear. This miracle of the nature lives in mountain forests as it does not love the open area.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team