What is a matrix

What is a matrix

Matrix - the multiple-valued term used both in science and in the equipment. It was fallen in love also to authors of cinema and other science-fiction works. But the last, certainly, use it figuratively.


1. In mathematics a matrix call the two-dimensional table consisting of numbers. In the higher mathematics over such matrixes make various actions: multiply at each other, find determinants, etc. A matrix - a special case of the massif: if the massif can have any number of measurements, then a matrix call only a two-dimensional array.

2. In programming a matrix also call a two-dimensional array. Any of massifs in the program has a name as though it was one variable. To specify what of cells of the massif means, at the mention of it in the program together with a name of a variable use number of a cell in it. Both the two-dimensional matrix, and the n-dimensional massif in the program may contain not only numerical, but also symbolical, line, Boolean and other information, but always same within all massif.

3. At the press, stamping, etc. a matrix call a concave form. The convex form is called at the same time a punch. Matrixes and punches are quite often shared.

4. In the digital camera, phone with the camera a matrix call the two-dimensional massif from single photosensitive elements. Each one million such elements is called megapixel. If the camera color, pixel of a matrix is called a combination from three such elements sensitive to red, green and blue colors.

5. The matrix can consist of light emitters also. Such matrixes are divided into passive and active, and, the control unit and storages of information is built in the second in each of emitters. In a plasma active matrix such device is quite often expressed implicitly. In a passive matrix for prevention of parasitic currents through the next elements each of them has to or have unilateral conductivity or negative dynamic resistance itself, or to be included consistently with the element having at least one of these properties. Any matrix screens have important advantage - small thickness thanks to what they take not enough place and can be suspended on a wall.

6. The movie "Matrix" is constructed on the assumption, as if the world surrounding us actually does not exist, and is only imitated by means of heavy-duty computers. The movie consists of three series: "Matrix", "Matrix: Reset" and "Matrix: Revolution".

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