How to bake cake ""Love"

How to bake cake ""Love"

Love cake is delightful, sweet continuation of any celebration! Bake it, both dear and beloved people once again will make sure of your feelings!

It is required to you

  • For the test: - the softened desi, 200 g; - egg, 2 pieces; - vanilla sugar, 1 bag; - a condensed milk, 400 g - wheat flour, 1 glass; For cream: - sour cream of 30%, 500 g; - vanilla sugar, 1 bag; - granulated sugar, 1 glass; - fried shredded nutlets (any), 1 glass. For ornament: - kiwi, 2-3 pieces; - fresh strawberry, 5-6 berries; - apricot jam, 1-2 tablespoons.


1. We cook dough for cake layers: We shake up the softened desi the mixer at a high speed until white. Without ceasing to shake up, we enter in turn 2 eggs, 1 package of vanilla sugar, we add 400 grams of condensed milk and 1 glass of a sifted flour.

2. We bake cake layers: We dim a form bottom paper for pastries and we oil vegetable. We spread a half of the test in a form and we bake in the warmed oven (180 degrees) of 20 minutes. We spread a ready cake layer on a lattice. We bake the second cake layer. We allow cake layers to cool down and have a rest.

3. We prepare cream: 500 гр. sour creams of 30%, 1 bag of vanilla sugar to shake up 1 glass of granulated sugar the mixer at a high speed before receiving magnificent cream. We postpone a quarter of cream. We add a glass of fried shredded nutlets to other volume.

4. Assemblage of cake: We cut cake layers. We grease with sour cream and nut cream. All cake is processed by residue of cream, we strew sides with nutlets, the top is decorated with fruit.

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