What is necessary to close SP?

What is necessary to close SP?

Individual entrepreneurship - often found form of ownership. But, not at all people open business brings stable income. There are also those who are forced to sell business or to close it at all. And crisis promotes that as the SP more often is correct to close a question sounded from owners of different small firms.

What documents are necessary to close SP?

Actually, from you the set of pieces of paper is not required officially to close business. Everything that will be necessary, this statement which form can be found on the website of the tax inspection, and the original of the receipt on payment of the special duty. All this that it is necessary for you from documents to close SP.

Remember that at filing of application and the receipt in tax, have to issue you the receipt on reception of these documents. Do not throw out this official form, it to be useful to you in case the application submitted by you or the receipt are lost by the staff of inspectorate.

Further, you receive the certificate on closing of SP, and visit the Pension Fund where at once will issue you the certificate of existence or absence of debt on payments. As you see, a number of instances should be visited personally therefore, to close SP zaochno, for example, online, it not to turn out.

Whether it is possible to close SP with debts?

If at the appeal to the Pension Fund you found out that some of obligatory payments were not paid by you, or, at an address stage in tax you were told about existence of a debt, then in it there is nothing terrible. According to the legislation of our country, it is not an obstacle for closing of SP.

Debt if business comes to court, of course, it is necessary to extinguish. But, it is again important to understand that there is a concept of limitation period. That is in 3 years already nobody will be able to make you responsible and to demand payment.


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team