5 ways to strengthen matrimony

5 ways to strengthen matrimony

The family is a uniform organism, and for maintaining harmony and happiness in it it is necessary to work on its development and strengthening all the time. As well as any organism, family demands prevention – and then the relations in it will be healthy, strong and durable.

Whether it is possible to live together many years and never to quarrel? All of us are living people, besides a rhythm of modern life such is that to avoid stresses very difficult. It makes us nervous, and sometimes we break on the closest. It is unlikely you will find the person who lived long life and never caught cold. Precisely and in family life: if occasionally also there is a conflict, the main thing is to find a constructive way out of it and "to recover" as soon as possible. And to strengthen "immunity" of your family organism that quarrels happened as seldom as possible.

We offer 5 councils from couples which lived together many years.

1. Travel – together and separately

All of us need rest, and not only from work, but also even from each other. The best holiday, as is well-known is a shift of activity! When you have a rest together - it is your general memoirs, what strengthens your union emotionally, forms your own small world. You will remember your joint trips still for many years. But, if you spend a lot of time together, separate rest is also necessary. You should not exhaust your love – even it sometimes needs rest. Dare to be bored for a while sometimes the friend on the friend!

2. Regularly make love

Psychologists and psychotherapists insist: sex is a major part of the relations. If in intimate life you have no harmony – hardly your relations will be faultless for long years of joint life. Try to diversify your intim, support passion fire in each other – it will help you to keep emotional proximity.

3. Farewell offenses

Offenses destroy us from within. Besides, often we accumulate in offense soul until in one day this stream breaks outside. Pronounce all moments – beginning from global vital plans and finishing with the most insignificant details. You do not smother in yourself offenses and learn to forgive each other, none of us are ideal.

4. Do not prevent friendship

Marriage should not disturb you and to your spouse to lead full, full-fledged life. Life cycle "house-work-house" sometimes has to be interrupted by a sit-round gathering with friends. It is fine if you have mutual friends, but even in case the spouse wanted to go with friends on fishing is not an occasion to make to it row. It concerns also women: a fine half of mankind needs rest from a family routine at all not less!

5. Have the general hobbies

Not only the general life, children and a stamp in the passport has to unite you. The general hobby, hobbies, joint trips – all what your life, saturated and interesting consists of, all what you will remember on an old age of years. It has to be interesting to you together!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team