9 ways to lighten itself the mood staying at home with the child

9 ways to lighten itself the mood staying at home with the child

Often so happens that the woman, staying at home with the child, begins to long. Especially, if the baby and practically all attention demands to give it. All the time wants to be on hands or just sticks to mother. Fatigue leans on mother, household chores are not done, on itself there is no time left at all. All this causes irritation and bad mood. But there are several ways allowing to avoid it.

  • Bring order

Purity - pledge of good mood. Put the child in a baby sling and wipe dust, be tidied up on a kitchen table. Water window plants. Put the kid to yourself on knees and together put toys in a box. Sort your casket with jewelry while the child examines interesting things, it is possible to spread out all jewelry, to throw out everything broken. And can you will find some jewelry which you do not wear any more and want to present them to girlfriends?

  • Invite girlfriends on a visit

Communication - very important part of the life of the woman. Without communication the woman becomes angry and vulnerable. Invite one or several girlfriends to a tea drinking. While you communicate, time will pass quickly. It is good moral unloading. You will see with what pleasure you will take then on hands of the child. 

  • Flirt for yourself

Make to yourself a face pack. Even if the child all the time near you, it is possible to make an unpretentious mask and to play with the kid, and after a while to wash away. While the kid sleeps, file beautifully nails and make up varnish. The well-groomed look in a mirror will undoubtedly improve to you mood.

  • Put on beautiful clothes

At the words ""home clothing"" something shapeless often is represented and reminding a pajamas. Remember that you the woman. Buy several inexpensive, but beautiful knitted dresses or skirts. Put on earrings not on an exit, and just like that, at home. Do simple fast hair which was never done earlier. You feel internal changes at once and you will see how you are pleasant house. 

  • Prepare some sweet

For example, pie. Or some simple east dessert which needs to be cooked in a pan, and then to pour on molds, to freeze and eat. It will take a little time. Even if you will have a kid on hands, it is possible to try to make something tasty.

  • Make to the husband something pleasant

To feel happy, any unusual ways are not necessary. It is rather simple to give small joy to the darling. Get up a bit earlier and make to him a breakfast. Or clean to it street footwear. During walk with the kid, come on the market and buy it several pairs of socks or, for example, some necessary accessory in its car. 

  • Sort blockages

Collect all the unnecessary clothes and clothes which is small to your kid. Call the girlfriend at whom the child is younger than yours, and suggest it to take away things for the kid. Find where in your city it is possible to give unnecessary things: to needy people, in a children's shelter or an animals shelter. Ask the husband to take away things when he has time.

  • Turn on sacred music or mantras

The sacred music has properties to calm uneasy female mind. It harmonizes internal state of the woman. Very favorably to turn on sacred music when cooking. Even children and neighbors begin to behave more quietly if in the house constantly the sacred music quietly plays. 

  • Switch off the Internet

The child creeps around you, groans and is capricious, and you one hand try to occupy him with some toy, another hurriedly write someone the message in social network. Familiar situation? Just switch off the Internet and sigh freely. You will not manage and to look back as your little man will grow up and will not creep and hold your skirt any more. Enjoy this time, it so quickly passes.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team