Acquaintances to foreigners: what to pay attention to

Acquaintances to foreigners: what to pay attention to

In search of the husband it is optional to be limited to the country. It is possible to find abroad the wonderful man who will make you happy. But it is necessary to follow some safety rules at acquaintance to the foreigner.


1. If you get acquainted through a dating site, issue a profile intelligently. Do not put photos in which you in a bathing suit or are naked. Search of the husband will slow down because fans of readily available girls will write generally. Also you should not place on a page full information on yourself that admirers could not track down you under the questionnaire.

2. At acquaintance study information on the man. The age, the country of accommodation, appearance, interests and other data specified in the questionnaire. It is not necessary to try to get acquainted with all who will write to you. Look whether your interests and outlooks on life are similar and if do not coincide, do not spend time in vain.

3. Be not afraid to specify the income of the man not to get on the gigolo or the idler. It is possible to turn to this question unostentatiously. For example, in the evening after work ask it, how was your day. Then ask, than was engaged at work whether it is happy with it, whether there is it these efforts, and gradually come to a question of finance.

4. When you a little communicate, it is possible to ask about the reasons of his loneliness. He divorced or was never married? Why the previous relations ended? For what reason does look for acquaintances to foreigners? Try to learn about their relationship with the ex-girlfriend to have an idea of your future.

5. Begin to learn language which it speaks. It is possible to use online translators, but often they distort phrases and the sense is distorted. It will not be simple to learn language from scratch, but if to begin with simple sentences, you will be able to communicate on elementary subjects. And it will be pleasant to the man and he will surely estimate your efforts.

6. Try to receive from it a real gift. Report that you have birthday or other important holiday soon. Mention in a conversation that long ago wanted a certain thing. It is not obligatory to choose expensive gift that the man did not consider you mercantile. If on the appointed day you receive from it a bouquet of flowers or a desirable subject, so it is really serious.

7. Study information on the country of your new acquaintance. What features in the relations of spouses and how it is accepted to build family life? In some countries of the woman are powerless, and you practically get to slavery to the husband. Therefore read responses of other brides over this country to learn the opinion from outside.

8. You do not hurry to sell the apartment and to go on a visit to the man. For a start meet in your territory or on neutral. So you will be able to see it, to communicate in live and to estimate your compatibility. If something goes not so, you will be able always to stop communication without problems.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team