As get to talking the person

As get to talking the person

How often in life we should face that people are not able to communicate, and we cannot obtain information from the person, important for us, that leads to misunderstanding and lack of the necessary result in negotiations. One of the most important components of art of communication - ability get to talking the person. For this purpose there are some rules, conforming to which any person will be able to obtain information necessary to it and to dispose the interlocutor to positive communication.


1. Be prepared for a meeting. If it is possible, collect information on future interlocutor, learn about his family, preferences, a hobby.

2. During the conversation address towards the interlocutor all case, show sincere interest in the opponent. Imperceptibly copy gestures of the interlocutor, sometimes ask again, repeating the last, the key phrase told them. Address the interlocutor by name - the conversation should not be depersonalized. You speak accurately, clearly, without leaving a possibility of ambiguous interpretation of your words.

3. Listen carefully, without interrupting and without trying to continue a thought, wishing to help with formulations. It can quite turn out that he wanted to tell absolutely not that you thought. Be polite in attempt get to talking the person, to find out the question interesting you. The tactless address will force to turn away from you the interlocutor for a long time, sometimes forever.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team