As girls see guys

As girls see guys

If you are in search of the second half, then it will be useful for you to learn, girls see guys that can draw their attention and what to push away. Women's perception of surrounding reality differs from men's, so, it is necessary correctly to manage to attract attention.


1. First, appearance. To look handsome in the opinion of the girl, it is not obligatory to have DiCaprio's face and Stallone's figure. Male beauty in courage and in ability to watch the appearance. Clean hair, accurate clothes which to you goes, cut nails and the polished boots - here bases of beauty of the guy.

2. Secondly, bearing. The attractive guy - the one who goes having become straight and having highly raised the head. On such the girl's views detain. The person with the correct, direct posture and strong gait makes an impression of self-confidence. Girls give preference to self-assured guys.

3. Thirdly, look. Girls first of all estimate not advantages of your figure, but ""window to the soul"" - eyes. The direct, quiet, serene look in eyes can speak without words. Still it is the main sign of interest and attention. You should not look at the girl the testing, fawning, timid, impudent, evil look. So you will definitely not cause sympathy from its party.

4. Fourthly, smile. A smile - not only a courtesy, but also expression of your internal state. In the opinion of the girl the smiling guy looks happy, ready to easy communication. The smile almost always raises a reciprocal smile.

5. Fifthly, physical shape. It is natural that in the opinion of girls guys who watch the body look more attractive, are in good physical shape. Such guys are good defenders, behind them, absolutely safe.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team