As it is the best of all to admit

As it is the best of all to admit

Mistakes are made by many people, but not always they find forces to admit it that can affect also the family relations. The woman can demand apologies and awareness of fault, but to the man to make it is difficult as he is afraid to drop the authority, admitting the wrongfulness. But it is the best of all to admit in time, without waiting when the conflict goes too far.


1. The woman will not be able to believe that you realized fault and recognize the mistake until you tell about it aloud. You should not expect that it will be rather simple to apologize, find forces to speak and show repentance. You hurt the beloved therefore she does not want repetition of similar situations at all if you pretend that you do not understand why she is offended or becomes angry. Admit the guilt or ask it to explain what in your behavior was not pleasant to it – sometimes the offense is caused just by the fact that you differently perceive the same situations.

2. The unwillingness to admit is often connected with the fact that it can strike a blow to your vanity, you do not want to say in clear about the weakness. But it is not manifestation of force at all. Strength of mind – in ability to recognize a mistake and to correct it. You cannot be the strong man, do not protect the woman yet from offenses and troubles which put to her including you. Do not force it to suffer and cry, just tell: "Forgive, darling, I understood everything!". It often appears quite enough.

3. You do not bring the matter to scandals – talk to darling. If you sincerely do not understand why its reaction turned out such strong if it seems to you that she "makes a mountain out of a molehill", try to understand her inner world, ask it to explain such reaction. If you are sincere, then she will make attempt to analyze the feelings and, perhaps, will understand that you made offense not from the evil.

4. When you do not feel for yourself guilty at all and consider that to admit to you there is nothing, too you should not ignore her offense. In that case misunderstanding between you will only increase. Explain the position, those motives which cause your behavior. It is not obligatory to admit at all the guilt if you do not feel it not to fall a victim of manipulations. Look for mutual understanding - it is the only way of overcoming difficult family situations.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team