As not to the especially beautiful girl to draw attention of the man

As not to the especially beautiful girl to draw attention of the man

There is an opinion that beauty of girls is the first what any man will pay attention to. But not all famous women are recognized beauties. But at the same time they do not complain of private life. It is just necessary to be able to do without irresistible appearance and to learn to draw attention in other ways.

What is wanted by men?

Sometimes not especially beautiful girls just are obsessed with the appearance and consider that nobody ever will pay attention to them. Every year complexes become more and more deep and to leave a depression it turns out more and more seldom. Just such girls do not understand that was actually would like by each man from the darling.

Of course, beauty is capable to draw attention, especially at the initial stage of acquaintance. But the attractive appearance will not be able to replace charm and sense of humour, well put speech and a pleasant manner of communication. Eventually beautifully styled hair or graceful gait can "hook". To be a standard of beauty and it is not necessary, each appearance has advantages which can be shown.

You learn to draw attention

For example, if you do not differ in special appeal, however can brag of a thick and beautiful hair. Do original high hair which an object of your sympathy will be able just to notice. Have not complex if you have short hair which you will not collect in a beautiful hairstyle. Well-groomed hair in combination with a short hairstyle will also make an impression. Try to use an interesting accessory (a flower in hair or a beautiful hairpin). You monitor the behavior with friends. Even the picture of beauty can spoil an impression unseemly phrases. But the politeness, a lovely smile, a gentle voice affect the man much better than bright appearance. Usually men do not love when at their presence the women offend someone. So show mildness of character, and you will be surely allocated in crowd. Try to show the sense of humour in the company where there is an object of your passion. Successfully released joke just attracts to itself all eyes of the audience. Men very much appreciate the girls capable to find ridiculous in any situation. In the world full of tragic events, there is a wish to see near himself the positive and cheerful person. Well and of course, try to pay more attention to the gait. It has to be graceful and womanly. During walking you keep shoulders in a motionless state, down do not hang the head, try to look directly before yourself. The gait should not be held down. Be sure that will surely pay attention to you!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team