As to the man to understand the woman – signs that the girl is lonely changes, stopped loving and takes a liking

As to the man to understand the woman – signs that the girl is lonely changes, stopped loving and takes a liking

In order that the relations in couple resembled ideally debugged clockwork functioning for many years the deep understanding of the partner is necessary. To the ladies having congenital female wisdom and cunning, a little more simply than representatives of a strong half of mankind. Knowing as to the man to understand the woman, it will be possible to avoid many mistakes which are made by people, being in the relations.

Psychology of the relations in love

At the first stages of acquaintance and setting of contact the psychology of the relations with the girl is simple. The guy either is pleasant to it, or is not present. In the second case no issues of rather further development arise, and not developed couple goes on life further, only everyone in the way. If the woman shows mutual interest, then a question of how to understand that the girl good, becomes already relevant, in particular, if not so there is a lot of experience of communication with an opposite sex at the young man.

How to understand that the woman is lonely?

The ideal base of the strong relations will be the fact that both, both the woman, and the man are not connected by bonds of marriage and have at the moment no relations with an opposite sex at all. Knowing how to understand the girl, it is simple to determine its coherence by any given bonds, generally men hide that they are married, and ladies prefer to act openly. Lonely women give signals that they are open for acquaintance. About it it is possible to judge by a smile, open gestures and other hints. Women in the relations in most cases behave detached.

How to understand whether you are pleasant to the girl?

For all men it is important to understand the true relation of the woman, but in most cases she does not speak about it openly. Trying to learn how to understand that the girl loves you, it is necessary to pay attention to her such actions which will prompt the truth:

  1. Use of diminutive-hypocoristic words. If at communication the girl begins to call the guy cat, hare and other fluffy and big-eared words, then most likely, she has a tender affection for it.
  2. Care manifestation. As to the man to understand the woman happens very difficult if she does not sound the feelings, then it is necessary to pay attention to different trifles. The girl worries that the guy walks in sneakers in a frost or buys to it without the reason a small lovely present, sends a smilie and a wish of successful day or shows genuine interest in a men's hobby – all this shows sympathy.
  3. Desire to touch. Those women who are not indifferent to the man often initiate allegedly accidental touches. Besides, they do not reject also reciprocal contacts.
  4. Does not flirt with others. Finding out as to the man to understand the woman, we will specify one more sign – when the lady fell in love, the partner becomes the center of her Universe. Other guys just cease to exist for it.
  5. Gives gifts. It is considered that to present gifts – a men's duty, but when the woman is in love, she and most wants to please darling. Lovely knickknacks without cause or carefully picked up gift for a birthday and for New year, will prompt as to the man to understand the woman.

How to understand what the girl stopped loving?

The question how to understand the woman, can arise when the man begins to doubt whether the darling loves it. The situation can arise both at the beginning of the relations and many years later after the beginning of family life. It is natural that all couples have different degree of attachment and differently express the feelings. Nevertheless, those relations which stand on a gap side have also common features:

  1. Time. Even if at the girl it is full of free time, she does not hurry to spend it with the guy, preferring walks with girlfriends or at all wants to stay alone.
  2. Visual contact. All known fact is that lovers often try to catch each other eyes. As soon as feelings come to naught, the girl hides eyes and does not look for a counter look as before.
  3. Phone calls. One the fact that the girl ceases to call and write SMS to the first guards. If in 80% of cases it is done by the man in an occasion and without it, then most likely, the girl this partner stopped being is interesting, and she wants to minimize contacts.

How to understand what the girl changes?

Such serious question as treason is always relevant in the relations, in particular, if they are problem and conflict. The question of how to understand whether the girl changes you, quite often arises in couple. It is possible to learn about it on some signs though even all of them combined cannot give the absolute answer to this burning question.

  1. Daily routine. If earlier this question was not so relevant, then now casually, the girl is interested in time when the man comes back from work, wants to know whether a sit-round gathering with friends is outlined at it. All this is necessary to find precious time for an appointment with the new man.
  2. Attention to appearance. When the woman suddenly, unexpectedly, begins to visit the gym, buys up various skin care products, sharply changes a hairstyle, all this with an ulterior motive. On cardinal changes of appearance it is pushed by aspiration better to seem in the opinion of the new person.
  3. Frequent absence. Still quite recently the woman waited for the man from work, and now, having come home, he understands that the apartment is empty what it can speak about? If similar situations repeat regularly and the woman is always confused in the answers, then most likely, her is what to hide.

How to understand that the girl uses you?

Unfortunately, often to learn how to understand that the girl lies, not easy. Such situation when the lady deliberately goes for deception for the sake of receiving material benefits, is widespread. How to the man to understand the woman in this case? It is necessary to look narrowly at her behavior:

  • the girl often speaks about other guys, comparing to the, obviously, not in its advantage;
  • is removed, comes nearer, especially, if it needs something;
  • does not allow the man to escape, holding him at itself sex, not showing special love.

Psychology of the sexual relations

Entering into the sexual relations with the girl, the man seeks to ego-trip, become more self-assured. A strong half of mankind at the first stages enters sexual relations on the basis of instincts, then for them there is important also a spiritual component of the relations. The psychology of harmonious sex is in that the girl accepts the partner it what it was created by the nature. Only in this case the man begins to understand and feel the value.

How to understand that the girl the virgin?

For some men the girl the virgin is a limit of dreams, and for others – a serious problem which wants to be avoided. To understand whether the girl had earlier sexual relations, it is possible, having just asked it this question. For obvious reasons, only the few venture such courageous step. Watching reaction of the girl, it is possible to notice how she hesitates to look in the face, inadequately reacts to touches. All this indicates inexperience in the sexual sphere.

How to understand that the girl is excited?

The skilled man without effort, on one look, will see desire of proximity in the woman. Knowing how to understand that the girl wants you it is possible to build further strategy. Here several signs of sexual desire of the girl:

  • irons itself on legs, a breast, hair during the conversation;
  • bites lips;
  • frankly looks in the face;
  • accepts a sexual pose;
  • constantly wears the opened, fitting clothes.

How to understand that, the girl received an orgasm?

Each man wants to bring to the girl the highest pleasure, but, unfortunately, not all manage it. Owing to various psychological reasons to receive an orgasm to the woman not so that and simply. It is much simpler to dramatize it not to upset the partner. Men want to know how to understand that the girl imitates an orgasm to become for her the best. Everything is simple, during a physiological discharge, vagina muscles strongly clench and are involuntarily reduced. It is possible to simulate sighs, but not a shiver on a body from pleasure.

How to understand frigidity at women?

Such concept as frigidity of the woman, is widely known, but not all understand what it means. Externally frigid woman differs in nothing from others, she can even derive pleasure from flirtation and innocent caress. As soon as business reaches sexual contact, process ceases interest the girl, however, she can't refuse it. The orgasm as a logical conclusion does not occur and quite often the lady can have a temporary disgust for the partner. Such state arises at early age and quickly passes, and here in mature demands medical care.

It is possible to understand existence of this problem on behavior of the girl in a bed:

  • sex is similar to performance of a certain task;
  • lack of an initiative;
  • imitation of an orgasm;
  • lack of a variety.

How to understand that the girl the lesbian?

If in the relations of couple there is no clarity, then the guy can suspect that his girl the lesbian. It is difficult to find out it, the woman generally hides the preferences. With anybody not to mix the active lesbian – she has a male behavior and appearance, she will never go for contact with an opposite sex. Bisexual women prefer the women's companies, spend with girlfriends much time, distinguishing from them some one which are jealous of other girls. The lesbian do not show feelings to the man, interacting with him, as with the friend, but no more.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team