Why you twitch when you fall asleep?

Why you twitch when you fall asleep?

Day, at last, approached the end, you go to bed, gradually plunge into a sweet sleepiness … and suddenly unexpectedly shudder! No, not from the fact that the bad dream dreamed. Simply relaxed body, for some reason strained and forced you to come up from an embrace of Morpheus. Pleasant in it, of course, it is not enough. And it is good if it happens not often. But there are also those who twitch at falling asleep daily. Let's understand why it occurs and how to struggle with such illness.

Why the person twitches when fills up?

The dream of the person is divided into several stages. Their scientific name - dream phases. Even if in a day the strong fatigue collected and it seems to you that you instantly fall asleep, this process really happens gradually. On average, to pass into a phase of a long dream, the person needs about one and a half hours. At the time of transition there can be a start, or otherwise reduction of muscles of a body. The reasons of why filling up, the person twitches, exists a little. Let's sort each of them:

  1. The child twitches when fills up. Many parents begin to worry when they see similar starts. But before seeing a doctor, it is worth remembering that the dream of the kid differs from adults. For example, the phase of a deep sleep at mature people lasts 2-3 hours. It takes the child only hour. And further the deep sleep alternates with superficial. At this moment the kid can move with hands and legs, to smile or to say something. There is nothing terrible in this situation. And if the child twitches before going to bed, so he did not enter a long phase yet, and dreams are on a consciousness surface. It is not necessary to awake the kid at this moment. It can do much harm to his health. It is the best of all to provide to the child a quiet dream, having bathed it in the bathroom with soothing herbs, to create the comfortable temperature (18-21 degrees) in the room and to leave included in a night lamp with soft lighting.
  2. Why at mature age you twitch when you fall asleep? The similar phenomenon visits those who keep regular life not often. Frequency depends on sensitivity of a dream. At one of the moments when the body ceases to feel touches, gradually plunging into a phase of a REM sleep, any irritant in the form of a loud sound or whiff of wind can become too sharp for an organism. As a result of a muscle can involuntarily be reduced as a sign of protection against external influence.
  3. Most of people who ask the question "Why I Twitch when I Fall Asleep?" should pay attention to the way of life. The main reasons of uncontrollable start in a dream this overstrain, physical activities, fatigue, a stress, etc. The autonomic nervous system not always copes with the similar phenomena, and during transition to a phase of a long dream of a muscle are involuntarily reduced, trying to relax. The same factor is the reason of why in a dream legs twitch. Also at the level of subconsciousness of start can be followed by dreams in the form of flights or falling from height.

To find out for what reason such phenomenon as start became a usual situation at falling asleep, once itself asks the question "why I twitch before going to bed" and to analyze that preceded such reaction of an organism. Perhaps, some loadings should be lowered and to try to steer clear of stress sources.

If the similar phenomena happen seldom, then there is no reason for concern. Staying in stressful situations or being engaged in physical activity, before going to bed it is necessary to take the weakening bath with collecting mint, a camomile or sea salt. If similar procedures do not help and the body all the same twitches at falling asleep, it is worth asking for the help the attending physician.


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team