As to the woman to attach to itself the man

As to the woman to attach to itself the man

There are many women dreaming of how to attach to itself the man, to get him to fall in love, to learn to operate imperceptibly him. The similar ability is given to some lucky women nearly from the birth. It seems that they comprehended a secret by means of which they manage to be happy and favourite and always to receive the desirable from men. However, and other women have a chance to learn it.

For a start it is worth thinking of the appearance. Usually the man wants to see near himself the beautiful and well-groomed woman. And she has to look good not only at issue, but also in a house situation. Therefore you should not be shown to it in the washed-off dressing gown or with a cucumber mask on a face.

Besides, it is necessary to remember that the woman has to be an outlet for the man. It should be able to support, amuse always him, to help it to remove stress or a stress. Whatever it happened, it is necessary to be able to give to the man positive emotions.

Of course, and in life of the woman there can be serious problems. In this case, once quietly the man tells about the incident and to ask it about the help. If he really loves, then will only be glad to help the beloved.

One of the major influencing factors for the man is the smile. Many men cannot refuse to the lady a request which is followed by a charming smile. However it is necessary to remember that the smile has to be absolutely sincere and that is important, timely. To attach to itself the man, it is just necessary to learn to listen to him. At the same time it is necessary to show absolutely genuine interest in his opinion on various issues. Most of men very much love when women consult on them even if, finally, they do everything in own way.

It is not necessary to control constantly the man at all and to try to turn him into "henpecked". He should not guess that operate it.

Besides, it is necessary to be interested in hobbies of the man and to try to divide them. For example, even if the woman does not take out soccer at all, to her will not prevent to ask the satellite about results of the concerning match from time to time. And if she agrees to spend with it evening behind viewing soccer, he will prefer further its society to anything to another. Certainly, all this can belong also to any other hobby of the man. It is known that since primitive times in men the hunting instinct is put. Therefore they need to feel like conquerors. Kind of strongly the woman was in love, she should not throw the arms round a neck to the elect at once. Let he will make efforts to achieve it. What too easily gets quickly loses the value. The eternal role of the man is to be the defender of those who is weaker. Therefore the woman does not need to be afraid to show the weakness. Even if she without effort lifts heavy bags, hammers nails and repairs electric devices, it is better for it to ask the man about the help.

You should not try to lower a self-assessment of the elect, constantly criticizing and humiliating him. On the contrary, it is necessary to praise and encourage him that he felt like the real man.

It is not necessary to think that, having attached to itself the man, the woman tries to obtain advantages only to herself. First of all, she wants to make really happy darling. The main thing that he understood that she also is that only of whom he dreamed all the life.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team