Care as manifestation of love at men

Care as manifestation of love at men

For the man the woman has to be absolutely safe. Most of all women appreciate such qualities as care and ability to support at the right moment in representatives of an opposite sex. But it is necessary to define whether such behavior is manifestation of love or it is just next hang-up of rules of good form.

Differences between care and gallantry

Men since the childhood the acts learn to prove by deed, not by word. The correct education consists in training of the boy in abilities to offer a hand to the lady at an exit from transport, to open before it doors and to help to bear heavy objects. In practice only the few men correspond to criteria of the true gentleman. It is almost impossible to re-educate others though some women managed it.

If you met the gallant gentleman, you should not accept his courtings as unambiguous sympathy. The gallantry (affable relation, emphasized politeness, courtesy) is a formality, manifestation of worthy education. Care means set of the actions in relation to someone directed to wellbeing of an object. Only the loving people can wish wellbeing to other person.

The love and care - to one another does not disturb

If man: - covers to you shoulders with a sweater/jacket in cold evening, corrects a cap, etc. - worries, you are hungry or not - always attentively listens to you - easily can go to drugstore behind necessary drugs at any time - at unfortunate expression of your person sincerely asks: "What happened?" and immediately offers problem solutions - with firmness tolerates lack of sexual contacts because of your indisposition, shyness or unavailability stops passing all affairs to more intimate relations and comes in case you were hospitalized, etc., it speaks about obvious unindifference from its party. Manifestation of care in marriage besides all above-mentioned consists in segregation of duties. Having noticed that you were tired, the man can wash, for example, dishes or swaddle/lay the child, and then make to you the weakening massage. Special attention to the woman during her pregnancy is not subject to discussion at all. Any adequate man will preserve the darling in this the period, difficult for both: to indulge goodies, to mass tired legs and a waist, to check whether warm socks during cold are put on, to bring herbal tea at toxicosis attacks, etc. Many incorrectly believe that really loving husband has to guess all desires of the spouse and satisfy them. But men owing to the nature simply are not able to understand delicate female hints. If you want something certain, tell about it directly. Care as one of qualities of love, cannot be shown constantly unilaterally. Wishing reciprocity, show as the man is dear to you: make a breakfast, knit a stylish scarf or socks, buy the new razor, etc. Sometimes even the simple embrace in combination with the words of support is capable to be presented with improbable feeling of the importance for someone.

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