Exercises for removal of emotional pressure

Exercises for removal of emotional pressure

In the modern world of people daily faces different stressful states which negatively affect an emotional state. In such situation exercises for removal of emotional pressure will come to the rescue. It is necessary to carry out them regularly to learn to be protected from a stress. What is important, it is possible to hold a relaxation session in any place and even at work.

Psychological exercises on removal of tension

Generally, there is a lot of different the practician among which it is worth choosing for himself several suitable options.

  1. "Balloon". Standing it is necessary to close eyes, to raise hands up and to make a big breath. Then it is worth presenting that you – the huge air step which is filled with air and just about will blow up from tension. In such state it is necessary to remain a couple of minutes, testing the maximum heat. Then it is necessary to present that in a sphere the hole appeared, and it slowly lets out the air. The more the sphere goes down, the rasslablenny there has to be a person. It is necessary to continue before removal of tension in a body and emotions.
  2. "Behavior of an animal". This exercise for removal of tension is useful when after work, having come home, there is a wish to break something or to beat someone. That close people did not suffer, it is worth approaching a mirror and to splash out all negative, for example, it is possible to growl. You should not restrain it is necessary to do it as there is a wish. If it it is insufficiently possible to lay down on a bed and to beat legs a mattress or hands a pillow. At this moment it is possible to represent the person who caused negative emotions. It is necessary to continue "beating" until there are forces and aggression.
  3. "Lemon". This ideal exercises for stress relief and tension which can be seen off directly in a workplace. It is necessary to be located on a chair more conveniently, to put hands on knees, to close eyes and to hang the head. The task is that it is necessary to present a lemon which needs to be squeezed with a force in one hand while in it there is no juice left. After that it is necessary to relax and repeat the same, but the lemon has to appear in other hand.


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team