Demulcents at a stress

Demulcents at a stress

Nerves, of course, at any modern person iron and here and iron nerves for some reason do not save when the situation reaches a limit. The only, possible reaction of an organism to conditions against which to it be not able to fight is a stress. The stress is at the same time both mobilization of forces of our organism, and a signal "it is time to have a rest and to save up these forces". At the second case (and it is more correct to tell, an inevitable second stage of a stress), the depression when the organism contrary to your permission "takes time off" begins.

To revive itself, not to allow to soften, as soon as possible to cope with consequences of active lifestyle it is necessary to be armed with demulcents at a stress. Do not worry, we suggest you to be separated from a first-aid kit, and only we want to offer pleasant alternative ways of stress relief.

By the way, if not to deal with a stress in time, it will provoke exacerbation of chronic diseases, falling of immunity, a SARS, lack of sexual desire and it is a lot of other "fine" things. If you do not allow yourselves to have a rest, the organism will save you from all affairs, having sent to hospital.

Movement in space and time

One of the best means from a depression and stress scientists recognize tourism and travel. This means though causes accustoming, but will not cause any side effects (if you not too clear up). Travel are, however, very useful and effective, you from a stress of the gray everyday life move to new "stress" - the circle of strangers, climate, circumstances, residences. Such small and pleasant stress will apprehend an organism as vaccine, and even after the two-day travel, you will return to a track absolutely other, stress-resistant person.

Pleasant with useful

The traditional medicine recognizes, though with an ironical grin on a face, one more available means of fight against a stress – kisses. All know that kisses – it is very pleasant, however they also eliminate stress hormones, influence the think-tank of pleasures, promoting release of hormones of happiness. Kisses serve as "training" for a cardiovascular system, increasing for a while heart rate to 110 beats/min, and lungs as it is proved that after a kiss, the person breathes several times more deeply and more often exercise.

Get a black cat and forget about misfortune!

Cats, and especially, cats long since companions of the person also serve him in any way differently as calming stress medicine. Stroking of soft cat's wool calms nervous system, levels breath, and purring which accompanies contact with an animal gives the chance to plunge with ears into other world. And the American scientists in general established that after emergence in the house of a cat, at all members the immunity automatically increases.

Lactic products

One more curious proof that our bodies cannot hurt separately and everything in our organism is interconnected. In experience on rats it was proved that intestinal microflora influences a condition of a brain, its resistance to mental disorders. Scientists experimented with natural yogurt which normalizing work of intestines, thereby, well influenced also a brain. Therefore, it is possible to draw a conclusion that the most usual yogurt can be an effective remedy from a stress.

Of course, all this acts only on an initial stage if you bethought in time. In case to miss the moment of origin of a stress, depression, apathy and to neglect everything, you can have absolutely other diseases on their basis. However it will be necessary to treat all the same the prime cause – a stress. And for this purpose it is necessary to eliminate those factors which led to a stress, or to change the relation to their inevitable presence at your life.


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team