How to make horse rocking chair

How to make horse rocking chair

Horse rocking chair for the kid – the first big toy. It is so similar to the real horse, besides, on it it is possible to shake. Adults impose other requirements to this toy. To the child it has to be convenient and safe. Important role is played also by the rocking chair price and of which materials it is made.


1. To make horse rocking chair for the kid not so difficult. Desire, imagination and a few improvised materials are for this purpose necessary: plywood 10 mm, round sticks of different diameters, metal corners, self-tapping screws, PVA glue for tree, faux fur, foam rubber.

2. Draw the drawing of future horse rather of its skeleton. The size of rocking chair depends on age and growth of your kid. The skeleton consists of several parts: first, the rocking chair runners consisting of two (big external and small internal) the stuck together parts; secondly, seat (2 parts) with legs; thirdly, the head of horse with handles on each side.

3. Take plywood 10 mm, cut from it the fret saw runners according to the drawing. External runners – 2 pieces - have to have rather big rounding-off radius and ledges on the ends in order that the rocking chair has not turned over, internal parts of runners – 2 pieces - have the same radius, but by the size already well, they perform the fastening function. Paste PVA glue internal parts of runners to external respectively, leave before full drying.

4. Cut from plywood two identical parts for sitting of rocking chair. In one part drill openings of necessary diameter for fastening of legs. Stick together sitting parts among themselves PVA glue.

5. Cut off hacksaw four round sticks for sitting legs. Paste legs PVA glue in sitting openings. Cut out shape of the head of horse from plywood, drill in it through hole and insert round polished stick there, fix it by glue. By means of metal corners and self-tapping screws strengthen the rocking chair head on before seat in the middle.

6. Drill in internal parts of runners in front of and behind opening on diameter of round stick. Cut off hacksaw round sticks of necessary length and insert them into runners across, paste PVA glue.

7. Connect ready skeleton of horse to rocking chair runners so that legs of sitting rested against round cross sticks of runners. Strengthen them by means of metal corner and self-tapping screws.

8. Draw pattern of horse according to the sizes of wooden skeleton. Transfer pattern to faux fur and cut it. It is better if it is tselnokroyeny. Do not forget to leave allowances for seams. Prepare big needle and strong thread.

9. Envelop and paste over skeleton of horse rocking chair with thick foam rubber (except runners). Sheathe the received figure faux fur manually. Attach eyes buttons, mane and tail from woolen threads. It is possible to attach bridle, to tie kerchief on neck of horse. Everything depends on your imagination. The brighter the horse will turn out, the more cheerfully to the kid on her will shake.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team