How to learn to shoot with the rifle

How to learn to shoot with the rifle

The rifle is small arms which when shooting need to be held two hands and to rest in addition against the shoulder. To learn to shoot from it not difficult. The main thing is to have the good eye and persistence.


1. At first solve for yourself why you want to seize this weapon. The rifle will hardly be suitable for the defense, and here for satisfaction of hunting requirements will be as it is impossible by the way. Also it is applied in various shooting competitions.

2. Remember that it is impossible to direct weapon on the person, by default the rifle is always loaded. Clasp the trunk with one hand, bring the second hand to the trigger. Further decide on situation from which you will make the shot. To learn to shoot, it is necessary to choose the pose in which you feel the rifle best of all.

3. Get up to the utmost, slightly move apart legs, the butt of the rifle has to rest against the shoulder. Reject the case of the body back, and the thumb of the left hand has to rest against the trigger bracket which is from below. Put the index finger directly on the trigger. For a start make training shooting by blank cartridges, or just try to stand with the rifle in hands.

4. The prone position and sitting also mean themselves that the emphasis of the butt is in contact with the shoulder, and the muzzle – at the level of eyes. It was necessary to aim competently. On all rifles there is the system of aim devices. On modern devices it most often it is optical. Feel that you are aimed exactly there where you want to get. Remove the rifle from the safety lock if that is available. Hold the breath and on the exhalation make the shot.

5. Examine the target, draw conclusions on where it is necessary to reject the rifle trunk at the following shot to be more exact. Remember that any weapon needs to be adjusted and checked in operation. Be not upset if something is impossible to you: everything comes with experience and through the huge number of trainings.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team