How to learn about pregnancy without test

How to learn about pregnancy without test

Do you plan to bring the child? Or on the contrary, you do not plan, but there is an occasion to suspect pregnancy? How without test to define that the kid already lodged at you inside?


1. At once we will be defined that all women different. From the first days of pregnancy constantly feels sick someone, urination becomes more frequent, pulls on salty. Generally, all symptoms of toxicosis on the person. In this case and without test happens clear that the woman in situation. And happens that future mom only on the fourth or fifth month, on the increased stomach, learns that she is pregnant.

2. Traditional the lack of periods is considered the first signs that at you replenishment in family approaches. If your delay of 2-3 and more weeks, that is two options is a large hormonal failure or pregnancy.

3. Not to doubt the situation, see a doctor. Having taken a blood test on HGCh, you learn, you are pregnant or not. HGCh is a specific hormone of a horionichesky gonadotrophin which begins to develop your organism as soon as the impregnated ovum is attached to a uterus wall. The HGCh normal level in blood - 0 - 15 honey/ml.1-2 week of pregnancy - 20 - 145.2-3 week - 110 - 3640. Every day the HGCh level increases and to the middle of term reaches already 9000 - 60000 honey/ml. Reliability of the analysis very high, it allows to define precisely, you are pregnant or not.

4. Except research HGCh of exact results cannot give anything. But if you cannot go to the doctor yet, pay attention to the changes in your organism inherent in pregnant women. It can be increase and morbidity of a breast, frequent desires in a toilet, nausea, intolerance of pungent smells, tearfulness. All this symptoms of toxicosis. But it can tell also about any disease therefore do not postpone a visit to the doctor! Only it will be able to dispel all your doubts.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team