How to increase the volume of hands

How to increase the volume of hands

The volume, developed muscles of hands — it not only is beautiful, but also is practical. However to achieve desirable result, certain efforts and time will be required. Bicepses and tricepses — rather complex muscular group. For this reason it is important to pick up the correct set of exercises.


1. The most effective exercise allowing to strengthen and develop bicepses - costing bending of hands with the post in the position. The signature stamp needs to be held the grip slightly more widely than shoulders, and elbows have to be as it is possible are more densely pressed to the torso. Bending hands, lift the post to the chin. There are two options of performance of this exercise. "Exact" at which the torso doesn't deviate back during the movement and hands on the start position are completely straightened, is suitable for the first 9-11 repetitions. So-called style of "chiting" - raising of the post by transformation of the body into similarity of the pendulum that facilitates work with the apparatus a little, on the contrary, best of all to use during performance of several last approaches.

2. Concentration curls of hands with dumbbells allow to increase height of bicepses. Take the apparatus in the hand and sit down on the edge of the low bench. Correct position: the elbow leans against the internal surface of the hip, is a little higher than the knee. In the initial position the hand is straightened down. Without hurrying bend it to the shoulder, then lower back, without changing pace. Having made the number of repetitions, greatest possible for you, perform exercise by other hand.

3. The barbell bench press on the bench helps to develop tricepses. It is better to carry out it by means of the assistant. Receive horizontal position, stupnyam rest against the floor on both sides from the bench. Ask to cross to you rather heavy post, however don't overestimate the forces, choosing burdening weight. The grip has to be narrow — arrange brushes at distance about 5-10 cm from each other. Having pressed elbows to the torso, lower the post to the lower part of the breast and again squeeze out it up. It is better to begin with the small amount of repetitions.

4. The following exercise helps to work the middle part of the triceps. It is possible to carry out it both sitting, and standing. Part legs on width of shoulders or sit down on the sports bench, having rested stupnyam against the floor. The start position — the hands holding the dumbbell are raised over the head, elbows are bent and pressed to it. Unbend hands before full straightening, lifting the apparatus over the head. Without hurrying return to the home position, then execute several repetitions.

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