How to collect furniture

How to collect furniture

Furniture is the central element of interior in the house. Correctly picked up furniture will serve for many years, keeping pleasant shape and functional performance. Purchase and assembly of furniture – business responsible. Usually buying furniture, you can have question of how it is better to collect it: to make it by own efforts or to employ professionals.

1. As a rule, the cost of assembly is about 10 percent from furniture cost. Collecting furniture independently, you will save the considerable sum of money. Of course, sideways it is better for exclusive expensive furniture to entrust experts, and here you can collect normal clothes locker, modular wall or complete kitchen quite. Besides, all furniture gathers according to the instruction which you will find in packing. So professional collectors will collect your furniture according to this scheme. The only plus is that they will make work much quicker.

2. Before you begin to collect furniture, make sure, it needs to be accepted correctly from the forwarding agent. Make sure that all boxes are delivered, surely open the damaged packing, check integrity of components in it. Surely open glasses packages and mirrors, make sure that on them there are no chips and cracks. If everything is all right, it is possible to start assembly.

3. You make assembly of furniture strictly according to the scheme. Do not open all boxes at once, begin with one module in wall or cabinet in the headset. So you will not get confused and will save the place for assembly. Not to damage flooring, it is recommended to carry out works, having laid something, for example, the packing which has remained from furniture. All accessories, necessary for assembly, are in set. Holes for bolts and handles are drilled by the producer. You need to define places of fastenings only according to the scheme.

4. It is necessary to collect furniture in horizontal position. Assembled modules and the body are installed vertically in process of readiness. In general, assembly furniture reminds game in the designer: on your eyes the faceless parts turn into stylish kitchen or dazzling set.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team