How to make bed back

How to make bed back

It is very interesting to make furniture independently, certainly, but it is even more fascinating to decorate it with what soul will wish: carved parts, unusual impregnations, upholsteries and so forth. If with cabinets and curbstones more and more or less traditionally, then decorating bed back, it is possible to give vent to imagination.


1. First of all, decide on that material of which you are going to do bed back. As that the fibreboard, overlaid plywood, old screen which has got in inheritance from the great-grandmother and so on can be used.

2. Further attentively study the existing fastening of bed to the existing back or visit hardware store. Take any sheet of cardboard or dense paper suitable by the size and give vent to the imagination. Transfer the imaginations to paper and having put to bed, evaluate fruits of your creativity.

3. In the course of creativity do not forget that the back of bed has to be wider than bed that is necessary for reliable fastening of back to bed. On height future back also has to be above the bed at least of centimeters on 20, but is possible much more as it and will be that decorative, design part of your bed, its highlight.

4. The fibreboard bribes low cost, but nevertheless this material rather brittle. Other minus of fibreboard is the big surface roughness on which the decorative layer badly lays down. However, everything depends on decorative layer which you will choose. Preference should be given to overlaid plywood from 10 mm thick.

5. The next very important point – fastening of back to bed. Screws are obviously not enough here, especially when using fibreboard. Preference should be given only to the bolts which are passing through material of back and having rather big round head. Remember that the back is intended in order that to lean on it, and the lever in this case turns out very rather big.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team