As in Yandex of the taxi to link the card

As in Yandex of the taxi to link the card

It is very favorable to pay the taxi with a card presently as it is convenient not to all to carry a big lot of notes at itself in a purse. This payment method also saves you from situations where the driver has at himself no delivery, or for some reason requires surcharge. Service "Yandex. The taxi" gives to the clients an opportunity to pay trips with non-cash payment.

Installation and filling of data

For a start you need to install the Yandex application of the taxi. Then to start it then the system will automatically determine your location, for this purpose it is necessary to provide to the application access to your geoposition. In the application menu (it is in the upper left corner of the screen) select a position "Payment method". You will have a list of possible options of payment in the bottom of which the yellow button "Add the Card" is located. Before a card binding surely make sure that on it there are means, it is necessary at verification of your map. The sum on the account should not be below the minimum cost of a trip.

In the Card number field enter the sixteen-place number specified on the face of that card which you want to bind. At number on the card the month and year in the "mm/@" format are provided below, they need to be entered in the Works to field, the three-digit test code specified on the back of the card needs to be entered in field "CVV" then in the bottom of the screen we click "Add the card".  

The card can also be scanned by means of the smartphone camera – for this purpose it is necessary to click a frame icon (it is located in the field "Card number" on the right) and to point the camera at the card face so that it was located in a frame.  

Verification of the map

After introduction of all necessary data the system will check your card for working capacity. 

Verification of the map is carried out in the different ways, it depends on type of the card, bank and other factors: 

- on the account of the card  the small sum keeps. But this money is not written off and will be available after verification of the map. 

- it can be offered to you to enter the sum which was frozen on the card in the application. You learn the sum size from the message (if you connected SMS informing from bank) or from a statement of your account on the website of bank or in its official application. 

- to you SMS can come with number which will need to be entered in the payment receipt. 


After confirmation you can specify the amount of a tip which will be automatically written off after each trip. A tip is written off only if you pay with the cash card. It is possible to change the amount of a tip at the end of a trip.

If you do not want to leave a tip, or plan to do it manually after each trip, select the Without Tip item and will automatically redirect you back to the menu. 

Payment method cash card, obviously, very convenient and available. But it is important to know that if you cancelled a trip when the driver already arrived in the assigned place, then will draw the minimum cost of a trip from your card, it can be different. 

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team