Chemical hair straightening

Chemical hair straightening

It is possible to make curly and wavy hair ideally smooth by means of the procedure of chemical straightening. Thanks to it you not only will cardinally change the image, but also will get rid of painful daily laying.

It is better to entrust chemical hair straightening to the professional as the used means can strongly spoil head of hear. The qualified hairdresser considers structure of hair, estimates their general condition, correctly selects means and time for holding procedure. The easy option of straightening is suitable for the thin, weakened and brittle hair more. Hard and rigid curls need stronger influence of chemical means.

So, before the procedure the hair comb and divide into locks, pin up. Then the master applies on locks chemical means with the maintenance of hydroxide of sodium or thioglycollate of ammonium (in this case the choice of means depends on state and curliness of hair). If the expert uses structure on the basis of sodium hydroxide, then hair do not need to be washed with shampoo. And if ammonium thioglycollate is applied, then the head needs to be washed up previously.

Begin to process hair from occipital part. As basis vaseline cream which will protect head skin from chemical burn can be used. The hairbrush or brush apply on hair the protective cream helping to fight against harmful effects of chemicals. And only after it already use the straightening means. Through certain period the hair properly wash with warm water and process special solution which sets the received result and neutralizes action of chemical composition. Process of neutralization means itself restoration of level rn which strongly raises during the procedure of straightening, and it can cause further injury of hair and their swelling. Further locks once again carefully wash out, dry up heated terry towel. And only after it it is possible to start hair dressing.

Chemical straightening is severe stress for hair therefore the head of hear after such procedure requires special care. For three days after straightening it is not recommended to wash the head, to do laying and hairstyles, to use elastic bands and hairpins. During this period the structure of hair is restored, and any mechanical influence will only do harm. Use the special straightened hair shampoo. It has to contain the restoring substances. Always apply hair conditioner. Refuse use of the hair dryer. Comb locks brush from natural bristle or soft wide hairbrush. Two times a week look after hair, indulge them the restoring and nutritious masks. It is very important to eat in a balanced way that head skin and hair received vitamins and necessary microelements.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team