How it is correct to do lant?

How it is correct to do lant?

Oral sex is pleasant to many men and women and, strictly speaking, appeared for a long time to recognize it as successful addition to usual matrimonial caress. However to solve case of each couple for itself what forms of love games most of all suit them.

How it is correct to do lant?

The cunnilingus (lant) - it is a sex form at which the man brings to the woman pleasure by means of caress of her genitals lips and language.

It is the best of all to start this form of sex after a warm shower which can be accepted together; at this time the body relaxed and that too is important, clean. Many good undertakings in this direction encounter the problems connected with hygiene.

You should not pass right after it to active actions. It is necessary to begin with habitual caress, gradually moving lips is lower and lower, to find time for caress of a stomach and the internal surface of hips. Only after the partner was convinced that it gives pleasure to his beloved, it is necessary to move apart slightly her legs and to begin more intimate caress. Knowing how to make lant, the man can present to the partner rare pleasure, but only if he is not rude and hasty. All caress has to be gradual and slow.

With circular motions it is necessary to caress language a clitoris and a zone of an entrance to a vagina, watching to causing to the girlfriend unpleasant feelings as skin in this place very gentle. If everything goes normally, it is possible to try to enter intense language a vagina. It is possible to continue also by means of fingers, continuing caress by them it is deeper, but, without stopping also excitement of a clitoris.

When the partner derived pleasure, it is not necessary to stop caress sharply too. It is necessary to kiss still some time erogenous zones.

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