How not to be jealous of the past of the guy

How not to be jealous of the past of the guy

Jealousy - feeling rather widespread. Especially at young girls. And not necessarily they are jealous the elects in the present. The past of the young man becomes rather frequent subject to their close attention. Psychologists assure: it is necessary to get rid of a habit to be jealous of the past quickly and cardinally.


1. First of all accept the fact that your young man had a past. You were on friendly terms with someone too, met someone, went out on dates. The main thing not that was, and what is at present. Think that he chose you, so, is more native and more expensive than you he has nobody now. Therefore it is very silly to be jealous of what for him does not matter for a long time.

2. In case your young man regularly compares you to the former girlfriends or the wife, to reconcile to it very difficult. But nevertheless for the sake of own health and wellbeing it is worth making it. For a start talk to the man, explain to him what is not pleasant to you in similar comparisons. Sincerely loving person has to understand you and try to improve. The only thing that needs to be considered, is that the conversation needs to be conducted without anguish, tears, hysterics. It will result at all not in those results which you want to achieve.

3. If your man to you does not give reasons for jealousy, but the fact of existence of last novels at him disturbs you, try to switch. Find to yourself work to liking - it can be a hobby, additional training, meetings with friends, etc. Similar tactics of behavior will bring you pluses alone. You will be able to diversify the life, to take free time. And with you it will become much more interesting to your young man. And if he still sometimes remembered the past, then now will definitely not be. You will be able to diversify also his life also.

4. In case your uncertainty in Sebha and the advantages became the reason of your jealousy of its past, urgently change a situation. Become the best cook on the home cuisine, change image, begin to watch yourself. Every time your darling with interest will wait and be surprised to the occurred metamorphoses. For example, you will meet every day him for dinner by a new dish of various kitchens of the world. Or you replace a hairstyle so that some highlight in your image will appear. Besides behind similar changes you will have no time for thoughts about being your man.

5. If, despite all taken measures, all of you equally continue to be jealous madly the man of his past, descend to the psychologist. He will help you to understand in what the reason of similar behavior, will prompt why you cannot cope with the emotions, despite a complex of the taken measures. Perhaps, the reason for a similar phobia lies somewhere very deeply in your consciousness, and just like that not to cope with it.

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