How not to disappoint the guy

How not to disappoint the guy

The relations between the man and the woman – very difficult and tangled sphere. For achievement of entire happiness and harmony it is not enough to reach the REGISTRY OFFICE as soon as possible. The main thing for a start is to try not to disappoint the guy and not to be disappointed in the choice most.

1. Take care of the appearance. No doubt, men like absolutely different girls: chubby and thin persons, blondes, brunettes and fiery red, house meek creatures and beasts of club parties. But very few people from men will like the girl who is not watching the appearance that is not well-groomed. Here too the measure is important: try not to be overzealous with a vertical sunbed, blonde curls and pink things. Statistically, guys prefer cheerful and … modest.

2. If before acquaintance to the guy you did not smoke, you should not do it and later. Smoking irritates, looks vulgarly in addition hazardously to health and is economically unprofitable. The same concerns alcohol. You do not hurry to show in the first evening of acquaintance role "a secular alkogolvitsa". Attentively read the previous point on modesty.

3. You should not pose as a star, especially if your appearance does not correspond to the status of stardom and to demand gifts on an altar in the form of regular gifts and flower bouquets. In this case you have a risk to pass for the banal heartless consumer.

4. You do not hurry to acquaint at once the guy with mother and with all the girlfriends. And also not strongly expatiate on details of your relations in a circle of mutual friends. The top of "irritants" includes also often found women's hobby – chatter with girlfriends by phone.

5. Do not tell the guy about the former at all. First, because all guys very well are able to consider – it in them is put genetically. And if it lacks fingers on two hands to make your list of objects of love affairs, most likely, you will not see it any more. And secondly because each man, anyway, considers himself only and unique in own way, and your stories about predecessors are unpleasant to him. The moments of disappointments are not limited to this list – only the main are given. Try to become better for the sake of the man, if he chose you, so you deserve it.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team