How not to think of former

How not to think of former

Unfortunately, some people pass through painful break in relations. In the people say that time – the best medicine, but such minutes seems that time lasts just infinitely and in the head thoughts of darling constantly turn. Not to think of the former ambassador of break in relations to forget it quicker, it is necessary to follow certain recommendations.


1. Communicate with friends more. You do not keep pain in yourself. You want to cry – cry. Call the girlfriend, be uttered, she will listen to you, and it will become easier for you.

2. Stop all relations with the former young man. If you had any not resolved general questions, housing or financial, for example, try to solve them as soon as possible. You not only will save the time and will keep nerves.

3. Remove its phone number from the mobile phone. Remove from friends social networks.

4. Entertain yourself. Go to the cinema, on a disco, on an excursion. More time walk with girlfriends. If there is no such opportunity, read the favourite book or play some interesting game.

5. Play sports. The sport is one of the best ways to distract from problems. Register to the gym or in fitness. Run in the mornings. It will help you not only not to think of former, but also to improve the figure.

6. Steep in work. It will help you to distract, but be not overzealous. Do not do a cult of work.

7. Indulge yourself more. Cook favourite dishes, take the weakening baths, you go shopping more often.

8. Meet new people. Do not think that all men bad, and to you nobody is necessary.

9. If you want to remain with being friends, try is with it in one company less often. Long gaps will be more useful to you, than short partings. Have with it no sex at all.

10. If you have mutual friends or acquaintances, do not ask them anything about it. Also ask them that they did not touch upon this subject. Understand that you have other life now.

11. Avoid places where you often were together. You spend more time better in populous places where there is a chance of new acquaintance.

12. You do not revenge and do not do it anything bad. It can lead to negative consequences and for you too.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team