How to achieve the young man

How to achieve the young man

Flirtation is a true art which purpose is the attention object ocharovyvaniye. As a rule, this talent is born together with us, but if you are deprived of it, you should not despair, it can learn!

It is required to you

  • Charm, virtuosity (it is put in any woman at the gene level), ability to show interest in everything, as for your elect and ability to convince the young man that you divide his hobbies.


1. Beit without miss from the first attempt, leave no chance for it! Flirtation is similar to hunting. You have to aim precisely at subject to claim before using accurately thought over words, gestures, the fulfilled mimicry. Keep in mind that the very first and fatal stage is an acquaintance. And, does not play a role who the first showed willingness: you or attractive young man. Ideally won back acquaintance – the main key to success of all enterprise in general. And if you manage to perform artistically and professionally the part – he will surely ask you "encore" and more than once.

2. Accurately plan your image, that first impression which will remain after your acquaintance. Many girls from the very beginning go into a slippery path, having chosen the self-claiming behavior model. It is just that case when the girl considers that she will quite make an impression on the guy, infinitely expatiating on the numerous advantages. Actually, it will frighten off any normal man rather, than will cause positive reaction. Think if you only also go on about that, how harmoniously in you the smart appearance, intellectuality are combined with sex appeal and other pleasures what will be reaction of the young man? Most likely, he will feel a little (or very) defective, uninviting and, perhaps, even superfluous. Do not forget that men (with rare exception) a floor rather weak and more often to seem strong, they choose as favorable surroundings of touchingly foolish, diffident girls. If you, without ceasing, compose heroic poems in the honor, your elect simply retires, having provided you chance to enjoy in person alone. Therefore if it is really necessary to you, become that which is necessary to it, to be exact pretend to be gentle, soft, defenseless and incredibly needing its violent patronizing machismo.

3. Try to find in an object of your attention something, characteristic and for you. As a last resort, it is possible and to pretend that you to some extent share his views, interests or addictions. As soon as any communication between you is found, communication will flow to the new course of ease, fascination and carelessness at once. One of the most unique opening in the field of psychology demonstrates that we subconsciously reach for people who remind us us. Also it is worth finding out that between you there is a certain similarity as you will instantly like genuine mutual interest to each other.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team