How to amuse darling

How to amuse darling

Quite often it happens that darling comes from work not in the spirit of, grumbles, frowns and to seek to retire. Unpleasant situation. The mood of house begins to spoil and scandal can even burst. That it did not occur, it is possible to discharge a situation, having amused your half.


1. For a start feed the elect, remembering his gastronomic preferences. Most of representatives of a strong half of mankind love nourishing meat dishes though also fans of sweet occur among them. Anyway hurry up on kitchen shortly to surprise the beloved of skillfully prepared chop or pies. Or simply fry a good piece of pork and decorate it with fresh vegetables and greens. Anyway, you remember that on a hungry stomach hardly someone is capable to cheer up.

2. Include favourite musical composition of your man. Pleasant music is capable to touch sincere strings even of the most brutal guy. It is even better if darling agrees to viewing comic series or comedy. Try to persuade him to go with you to cinema or just include the movie of the house which was pleasant to it.

3. Remember an amusing true-life story or history from your general past. It is possible that these historical frames are even stored in your photo album. If so, look at them together, most likely pleasant and amusing memories will switch your elect to a positive harmony. If you have talent of the story-teller, please darling with a couple of new jokes.

4. One of widespread ways of a raising of mood is the visit of small restaurant or cafe where in the pleasant company behind a good glass of wine the man tired with a daily routine will relax and will become cheerful.

5. After all, address the intimate party of your relations. Perhaps, you know his erotic preferences and imaginations. Try to realize one of them. Or just arrange a romantic dinner for two, light candles, put on beautiful linen, make to the beloved the relaxing massage. Such evening will not leave him indifferent, and the mood will improve.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team