How to apologize to mother

How to apologize to mother

Frequent most strongly people offend the closest. Knowing their sore points, beat exactly there. Then quickly the repentance comes, but pride or strong confusion prevent to approach and apologize. The offense leaves deeply inside where acquires other experiences. It often leads to a depression and nervous breakdowns.


1. Be not afraid to apologize if you were guilty. The closest people are parents, mother, will surely forgive you. And they will not force to beg for arrangement as partners sometimes arrive. To relatives your first step suffices, further they with pleasure will start improving the relations.

2. If you hesitate to apologize personally, make it in the letter. Send to mother a beautiful card in which write how you love it and as you regret that offended. Write why you made it. Perhaps, you were angry with mother long ago, and this feeling grew, was saved, and as a result escaped outside in an ordinary conversation. Do not hide the feelings. Let mother do not think that to you to spit on the events. Indifference will wound most strongly.

3. After mother receives and will read the letter - call her. Come to visit her, having taken something tasty to tea. Bring as a gift what she dreamed long ago of - new spirits, the modern hair dryer, a set of ware, etc. Hand it a gift after conciliatory tea that mother did not think that you want to bribe her a gift. On the contrary, you have to tell all kind words during the conversation, and before leaving - to give a surprise. Then mother will have only positive impressions about your visit, and she will forget offense.

4. Do not delay apologies. Of course, even if you do not ask forgiveness, mother will continue to communicate with you. But former warmth will not be. Both you, and at it, will constantly have a feeling of innuendo. It will prevent to be sincere with each other as before. It is the best of all to apologize the next day after the conflict. This time is enough to cool down and collect the thoughts. The longer to delay straight talk - the less necessary it seems. And as a result does not occur absolutely, each time alienating from each other close people.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team