How to avoid quarrels with the guy

How to avoid quarrels with the guy

In any couples, unfortunately, there are quarrels. They are capable to spoil the relations between the man and the woman for some time or even to become the parting reason. To completely avoid emergence of the conflicts with darling very difficult, but to reduce their quantity and not to allow serious consequences quite perhaps.


1. Think because of what in your couple most often there are quarrels. The following is the most common causes. - Dispute. Sometimes during the ordinary conversation the people have disagreements therefore the ordinary conversation develops at first into a dispute, and then and into a quarrel with mutual insults and charges. - Discrepancy of personal values and interests. All people different, and therefore what can be important for one person a trifle for another. If such situation arises in couple, it can become the cause of conflict. - Different characters. Sometimes, that one in couple sluggish, thoughtful, got used to weigh everything before decision-making that very much irritates his partner who emotional, quick-tempered and temperamental therefore there are quarrels. - Everyday issues. If people live in common, sooner or later they have disagreements concerning that whose turn to wash the dishes who has to clean up the house, etc. It is the most common cause of family quarrels and conflicts. - The boredom can become a reason for abuse too. In the settled, long relations when life is already adjusted and every day is similar to previous, emotions because of what it provokes the conflict can not be enough for one of partners, accusing the soulmate of lack of feelings. Look, unless the listed moments are rather serious to swear at darling? But, strangely enough, in some couples the conflict comes so far that people can even leave.

2. If you value the relations and want to keep them, learn to control the emotions, actions and words. You should not begin a showdown right after something was not pleasant to you. Perhaps, after a while to become clear that you just not so understood something, and the conflict will manage to be avoided. Besides, you will manage to cool down therefore you will be able quietly to discuss a situation, without insults and charges.

3. Be able to stop in time. If you feel that your dispute goes too far and the atmosphere begins to be heated, stop a conversation. You should not do it sharply or to declare what you do not want anything to discuss any more. Just suggest everyone to agree to differ.

4. Perceive the darling such what he is, with all his merits and demerits, the interests, hobbies and features of character if you want to be near it. Do not try to change it, do not abuse councils about what needs to be done and how to behave, very few people will like morals.

5. You should not treat household problems too seriously. If your darling did not wash the dishes when you asked him, or did not remove something into place, do not swear. Try to hint once again softly to him and if he does not understand again, remind him that he promised you to help.

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