How to be disaccustomed to gnaw nails?

How to be disaccustomed to gnaw nails?

In the presence of an addiction it is necessary to gnaw nails, to be disaccustomed to it as it not only is not esthetic, but also can bring vered to health if, for example, there is infection with eggs of worms. How not to gnaw nails psychologists and also people who overcame this habit can give councils.

How to stop gnawing nails - councils of the psychologist

The addiction to gnaw nails appears in the presence at the person of psychological problems – uneasiness, nervousness, etc. Doctors often consider this habit as manifestation of an autoaggression – the strong discontent directed to itself. Therefore for this individual there is a risk to reach more serious form of aggression to itself – a suicide.

To raise a self-assessment, to overcome uneasiness and to get rid of a stress, and, therefore – to be exempted from an addiction the following advice will help:

  • it is necessary to cease to compare itself to someone and to strive for perfection – it is unattainable, perfectionism – the serious reason for a chronic stress;
  • it is necessary to live here and now, constant focusing on the negative past or fear of the future not only are alarming, but also prevent to enjoy a present situation;
  • it is daily necessary to find time and opportunities for pleasant impressions: walks, meetings with friends, games with children or animals;
  • it is necessary to learn to relax – it is possible to practice yoga, meditation, besides, the heat bath, the calming teas, pleasant music, smells of essential oils patchouli, an anise, a sandal-wood tree, a geranium, a jasmine, a camomile, a bergamot help to find peace of mind;
  • continuous self-improvement has to become an indispensable part of daily occurrence, as work on itself it is necessary to read books, to attend seminars and trainings, to use positive affirmation – "I accept myself", "I love myself";
  • sports activities help to struggle with a stress – the physical activity strengthens allocation in blood of a neurotransmitter of serotonin which improves mood.

How to disaccustom itself to gnaw nails - useful tips

The people who faced this addiction first of all begin to look for means not to gnaw nails.

Rescue for many can become colourless varnish which is not visible on nails, however is well notable in attempt to bite off a nail plate. By the way, in some specialized shops and drugstores it is possible to buy the varnish for children impacting to nails extremely unpleasant relish.

For the person knowing the price to each ruble, visit of manicure salon will be a panacea. Having invested heavily in beauty nails, it will be a pity to bite them.

The person fighting against an addiction needs to establish himself an award for abstention from an obkusyvaniye of nails and also a penalty for connivance a habit. For each person it have to be own encouragement and punishments.

At the arisen desire to gnaw nails it is necessary to distract hands, for example, to be engaged in repair of the electric device, to help the child to draw the picture or to construct something of the designer. It is good to occupy hands beads help.

In a nervous state instead of nails it is possible to eat nuts, sunflower seeds, dried fruits. Besides, it is possible to borrow with lollipop of companies then nails will not want to be bitten.

Sometimes desire otgryzt a nail provokes the broken nail or the broken-away its corner. To correct a nail accurately, it is possible to carry with itself tweezers or a file.

In specialized shops it is possible to get the objects which are at the same time helping both to occupy hands and to struggle with a stress is various spheres, exercise machines for hands, the toys imitating film bubbles which all so like to burst. It is possible to find rings with mobile elements which also help to cope with a stress in jewelry stores.


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