How to pierce ear independently

How to pierce ear independently

to pierce ear will not make big work. It is enough to ask in special office for the help of the cosmetologist or nurse. But happens so that there is no opportunity to go to salon, but there is great desire to pierce ear. In that case it is possible to try to carry out this procedure in house conditions.

It is required to you

  • - needle,
  • - earring from gold or surgical steel,
  • - alcohol,
  • - hydrogen peroxide,
  • - cotton wool


  1. Consider that ear contains set of the nervous terminations therefore at the incorrect movement you easily damage one of them. If you want earrings to bring you pleasure, and there is no opportunity to address the cosmetologist, ask any health worker about similar service.
  2. Before piercing of ears wash the head as dust and dirt from hair can get to the place of puncture. Besides, right after piercing of ears it is not recommended to wash the head. Surely exclude after puncture bathing in open reservoirs. Change pillowcase from pillow 2-3 times a week, so you exclude hit to the place of puncture of microbes and bacteria.
  3. If you are afraid of pain, apply to lobe ice piece for several seconds. Wait while the ear slightly zanemet. Wet earring in alcohol, the needle needs to be disinfected too. Then wipe with the cotton wool moistened in alcohol ear and begin to puncture. You enter needle accurately, pay attention: it has to go strictly at right angle, but not wrongly. Further pull out needle and insert earring. Wipe the place of puncture with alcohol and peroxide of hydrogen. It is considered that it is necessary to pierce ears not in the middle of lobe, and is closer to the person. If you want to pierce ear in any other place, then plan places of punctures points by means of brilliant green.
  4. Having put on earrings, do not take off them several weeks, and 2-3 months are better. The place of puncture will be in healing stage, and it can be damaged easily if you remove and put on earrings. In the first 2-3 weeks surely perform procedures for care for the pierced ears. Every day wipe them with solution of boric alcohol or usual medical. In order to avoid entering of infection use separate cotton tampon for each ear. Not to get burns from alcohol, it is not necessary to rub it in ear lobe, it is only enough to put vatu for several seconds to the place of puncture.

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