How to be for darling of the most beautiful

How to be for darling of the most beautiful

Though say that love – feeling which lives forever, but in reality it often turns into a habit with all ordinary and dullness. Man once in love ceases to be interested in the beloved prefers to be in society of strangers more and more, but not alone with her. The reason is concealed in the woman. Just it stopped being for darling of the most beautiful and only. And if it occurred, it is necessary to correct urgently current situation not to lose darling.


1. Look at yourself in a mirror and estimate the appearance. If the face became gray and lifeless, under eyes bags, and hair stick out extensively, then urgently call in beauty shop and agree about reception to the hairdresser and the cosmetologist.

2. If you feel that eyelids are heavy, and eyes are closed from exhaustion, so it is necessary to get enough sleep and have a rest urgently. Men do not love when they refuse their caress, pleading fatigue.

3. Reconsider the clothes and you will throw out everything that got long ago out of fashion. By the way, there will be a magnificent chance to update it and to buy new dresses. In a case surely there have to be clothes causing erotic mood. It can be both chulochka, and an openwork peignoir, and the dress is revealing.

4. Think of how you spend free time. Most likely, visits of cinema and restaurant far back in the past. It is worth resuming joint walks and cultural actions.

5. Remember when you had last time supper by candlelight in embraces of romanticism. If it causes difficulty, then be not troubled to rummage in the memory, and organize a romantic dinner better. It is known long ago that men like to eat densely and tasty.

6. To be for darling of the most beautiful, something follows constantly in itself to change and at the same time to allow it to reveal in itself all new secrets. The stronger sex adores when nearby there is a female riddle. It cannot bore, every day brings new opening.

7. In each woman there is the highlight. And it is the most powerful female weapon which the man will not manage to resist. But, to remain for it always the most desired and beautiful, it is worth learning to own the advantages, to increase them and to be able to present adequately.

8. And, at last, it is necessary to make so that it could not present life without the darling.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team